DIY Your Scraps with the Cocoa Daisy Paper and Ink Collection!

Do you ever have a bunch of scraps left over from your kit (because they’re SO huge!) that you don’t know what to do with?  Well, I have found the solution! Each month, after using up the kits as much as I can on layouts, I grab whatever is left over and do a big DIY Your Scraps session where I make embellishment clusters, cards, and whatever else I can think of from the kit!  This often gives me a ton of fun choices to add to my story journal for the month and makes my scrapbook pages that much cuter AND easier!

This month, I focused on making unique journaling spots with the Paper and Ink collection.

While I’m working, I love to concentrate on incorporating different shapes into each cluster, breaking out of the mold of just the rectangular journaling block.

Another thing I focus on to make the clusters more dynamic is incorporating multiple textures into each little masterpiece, combining chipboard, cardstock, vellum and whatever else is included in the kits (wood veneer, acrylics, sequins, etc) to make the cluster that much more interesting. 

I find this process refreshing and it always makes me look at my scraps of leftover paper and the unused embellishments a little differently!

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