Craft Planning in the Daisy Dori

Happy new year, Daisies!   January is always a good place to make new beginnings and start new routines.  This year, I want to practice being more intentional about how I approach my craft life.  Last year, I had a set of craft goals and I barely accomplished them because I didn’t look at them enough to focus on achieving them.   It was written on a sheet of paper, lost among my many journals.  I feel that if I put all my craft related planning pages in one journal, I will be more focused and successful.  I decided to use this month’s Daisy Dori for this purpose.  This month’s Paper and Ink theme had an ‘art journal’ look to it so it’s really perfect for this project.

At the beginning of the year, I sat down and thought about the craft projects I want to continue and begin doing for the rest of the year.  I didn’t want to write too much so I wouldn’t overwhelm myself.    Love the Paper and Ink stamp set, it’s perfect for this kind of planning.

I came across this article last year about TED Talks that are about creativity and design.  I made sure to take note of the ones that I intend to watch.  Reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic really changed my life, so I’m looking forward to watching her TED Talk on Creativity.   On this page, I attached one of the cute dashboards because I loved the quote on it.  I also used stickers from the kit to number the TED videos.

2 things I want to learn this year are Food Writing and Photography.  I jotted down the questions that I think will be helpful when taking a class.  There are many craft related things I wish to learn, but I decided to keep it small, so as not to overwhelm myself.

I also took note of the habits that I want to cultivate for the whole year and probably for the rest of my life.  Being in the creative industry can be difficult sometimes, it helps to write good practices down so that I will always be centered.   If there’s anything I love most about the planner kits, it would have to be the stickers.  They are so easy to use and really good for embellishing pages. 

I jotted down this lovely quote by Andy Warhol to remind myself to always keep making and to remember that what people think about my work isn’t really any of my business.  I loved embellishing it with the artful stamps that came with the Paper and Ink memory keeping kits.

I loved using this Daisy Dori.  It is so beautifully designed I hardly need to add any more embellishments.

Do you have any craft goals set for the year?  Hope you can share them in the comments section.  Thank you always for passing by.



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