TN Tuesday: Creating Layouts on the Diagonal in your Notebooks and Planners

Hello Cocoa Daisy fans,

Layouts that are created using a diagonal theme are extremely appealing visually and allow you to place elements and photos in unique ways to draw your viewer in. A diagonal placement is also a great way to use bold colored stripes in your layout. Mixing a diagonal design  with a flowing pattern such as flowers or stars will also lead the viewer into your story and photos and allow you to use several patterned papers together.

Let’s begin with this sweet design by Traci who never fails to think outside the box! “I initially chose the diagonal prompt because I’m often using a diagonal composition in my traveler’s notebook, but this time I wanted to break out of my box and instead chose to use one of the stamps with multiple colors of ink to make a diagonal repeat stamping pattern behind the photo of my pupper.”

“To keep things simple and not distract from my background, I then centered the photo and the journal card on opposite pages and created a similar composition on both sides with the notched paper banners.”

You can see Traci’s layout come together by clicking here.

Next we have an bold and beautiful design by Jil. We love the artistic flair she brings to her layouts. “My TN page features paper strips on the diagonal and takes its design inspiration from a sketch on Instagram. I was also inspired by the stamp–‘sparkle like you mean it’–to create a self-encouragement page.”

“I had some tissue paper with affirmations (in white text) on my desk, so I sprayed the back of it with the Solstice kit colors and cut it in pieces to include beneath my photo and on the paper strips to reinforce my theme. I wove some of my paper strips on the right side and cut fringe into the strips on the far left side of the diagonal, as in the sketch, and I loved the effect of this with the magical papers in Solstice.”

“I layered phrase stickers from the kit, along with one of the cool protea flowers cut from the paper. The wood stars and a date stamped on a label completed this page, which was pure fun to make!”

Our final design is an inventive diagonal stripe pattern created by Casie. “Hi Daisy fans! Casie here with sparkling diagonal layout you can use inside your TN, planner or memory keeping pages!”

“I started this layout knowing I wanted to use the beautiful striped washi from the Solstice memory keeping pocket kit. I cut the washi into thinner stripes and laid them on the 6×8 paper diagonally. I also wanted to use the amazing iridescent vellum stars and decided to attach them to the page with a tiny staple. I finished the page with a die cut for a title and a tiny bow paper clip from the planner add on kit.”

“I love the final results and will be added this page to my personal 6×8 album as a pop of colorful encouragement.”

We hope you are inspired by our design team’s creative ideas with the diagonal theme and make a layout of your own! It would be lovely to see your memory keeping and planner designs with our kits in our private facebook group. If you prefer to share on social media, please tag @cocoa_daisy so that we are sure to see what you are creating.

Thank you for joining us today!


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