Mixed Media and Memory Keeping – a Perfect Pair!

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Raise your hand if you hear “mixed media” and immediately think “oh no, I can’t do that. That’s not for me”. I know I have felt that way in the past, and still find myself shying away from the messy crafting elements (except stamps, I LOVE stamps). But the beauty of mixed media is that there are no rules! You can paint, stitch, stencil, emboss, rip paper, and hand-drawn elements on your memory keeping layouts as much, or as little as you like. Since mixed media typically involves “wet” mediums, it is a good idea to allow plenty of drying time. So while you have your mixed media tools out, you might as well make a few pages. Because once you get started, it might be hard to stop! If you are still on the fence about mixed media, you can still enjoy the look of it with the New Chapter Collection, which features several mixed media inspired papers, stickers, washi, and pocket cards. Today, our designers have shared spreads that feature mixed media elements.

Ashley shares a fun way to alter one of the New Chapter Memory Keeping Papers.

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Today, I’m sharing a fun way to incorporate mixed media in a pocket page spread. First, I grabbed the 6×8 chevron patterned paper from the New Chapter Modern Memory Keeping Kit and applied a thin layer of gesso to mute the vibrant colors. I like to use an old gift card to spread it on the page, but a paintbrush will do, too.

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Next, I drew inspiration from my photo of the sunset and painted the page with pink, orange, and yellow watercolors. The gesso creates a smooth surface for all the colors to pool and mix nicely.

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After I let the page dry, I added a layer of light blue paint splatters. Then, I cut the 6×8 page into four 3×4 cards.

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I included three of them in my layout and added a chipboard star embellishment to finish the spread. It’s so much fun letting loose and getting messy. Happy creating!”

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What a cool way to tone down a loud print! The layers of watercolor on top are subtle but pair so well with the peaceful feel of this spread.

Next, we have a mixed media pocket page spread from Carol.

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For my first weekly spread in my 2021 pocket page album, I knew I wanted to try and document things from each day of the week. I used die-cut stickers combined with the white card stock pieces in the New Chapter Modern Memory Keeping Kit to make colorful “days of the week” cards.

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First, I cut down the card stock to 3×4 size and found some coordinating pens to draw border lines around the edges. I finished them off with a splattering of watercolor paints. The rest of the spread came together easily as I drew inspiration from the colors and stories I wanted to tell from our week.

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Adding chipboard elements and alpha stickers from both the New Chapter Memory Keeping Sticker Kit and Classified: Memory Keeping Kit was a fun and easy way to highlight things we did or ate.

Image may contain: 1 personImage may contain: 4 people

I am loving getting back to a larger format of pocket memory keeping this year and the colors from the New Chapter Collection sure make it a cheerful experience!

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Mixed media doesn’t have to be complicated. A little splatter of paint, as Carol demonstrates, can make a big impact. Part of the fun of mixed media is letting go of perfection, which is why we love Carol’s slightly wonky hand-drawn borders. Carol’s DIY pocket cards are a perfect way to use the cardstock in the New Chapter Modern Memory Keeping Kit.

So, go ahead, give mixed media a try! Show us your creations by tagging @cocoa_daisy on social media or posting to the Cocoa Daisy Fan Page.


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