Week Two: Photos

Welcome to lesson 2 in the Memory Keeping Planner class.This week’s lesson is all about photos. I go over where you can print your photos and what sizes to print your photos, but most importantly I discuss what the subject of your photos should be. Back when I first started scrapbooking I was a new mother so of course the focus of my layouts were pictures of Nate and all the precious moments and firsts I wanted to make sure and capture. I’m so thankful I did, but I’m also thankful that somewhere along my memory keeping journey I learned that everyday bits and pieces of life, my life, were important enough to record too.

You are creating an album, a snapshot of a month of your life and all that it encompasses, so make sure to include pictures of a wide range of what is happening in your life right now. Make sure you put YOU in your memory planner, that you don’t worry about having the perfectly staged photograph or the perfect lighting. Whatever strikes you today as precious, or interesting, or overwhelming, or beautiful, that is what you should take a picture of. Remember to keep it simple and most of all have fun!


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