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The Prompts

Looking Down
This is one of my all-time favourite prompts to use for the variety of ways it can be interpreted. It could be looking down from a mountain view or maybe looking down the path at a local park. With the lockdown measures around the world, I have used this prompt documenting looking down at my standard isolation footwear. ‘Piggy slippers’. The free COVID 19 Printable or Simon COVID 19 Printable from the Cocoa Daisy store are perfect documenting companions for this page.

This is me
I think it’s really important to document yourself on a regular basis. Where you are in life or what you have been doing. This prompt could be used to share those photos of yourself as a baby or perhaps to share a fitness journey you are on. A before and after photo collage. I printed a current photo and documented the googled meaning of my name.

From my garden
Taking time to stop and smell the roses is important. Having a look at nature in your garden can be quite refreshing. Take a look outside in your garden, what can you see? Not a gardening fan?? That’s ok! Perhaps you’ve seen something lovely on your walk or at the park. Maybe your dog was posing a little cute!

In my cup
What was in your cup today? For me, nothing beats a calming cup of tea. I got a little creative and added some leaves from my yard to take a happy snap. Perhaps you enjoyed a soda or hot chocolate. Was it a Coffee?? Maybe a cocktail by the pool……

On the ground
Since it’s Fall for me at the moment, I love documenting the changing of the leaves. I’ve printed a photo to the same size as a Dori page to capture nature’s confetti at my feet. Maybe you found some seashells at the beach or some Summer puddles to jump in.

I love to read and document favorite quotes I find. It can be quite uplifting! I printed a lovely quote I read recently on some vellum with some of the Cocoa Daisy exclusive paper as an underlay. If quotes aren’t your scene perhaps your little one did a drawing for you with an explanation you wish to capture. Perhaps it’s a book you have been reading and can’t put down!

Inspirational & What I Wore Today
I combined two prompts for one double-page spread. My daughter being hilarious in a Giraffe onesie she was wearing as well as an inspirational quote to suit. As you can see, very little journaling. I felt the quote was a perfect fit for my daughter’s photo and her happy personality.

To take these prompts apart, perhaps you’d like to document a late grandparent or parent who was your inspiration. Who or what has inspired you? Maybe it is an inspirational quote like mine that brought your page together.

What did you wear today?? Are you looking like an abominable snowman in all those layers? Maybe you have new trainers? Take a snap of how you looked today.

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