March Designer’s Challenge …”Say What?????”

Hi, It’s Lisa.  It’s my turn to host this month’s Designer’s Challenge.

My idea this month, seeing as what we do is all about preserving memories is to preserve a conversation or something someone has said.

I have kept a mini book and document all the little things that the kids have said over the years. It’s so funny reading back.

So today, I challenge you to scrapbook a page either traditional scrapbooking style, Project Life or in any form of journal book, something someone has said. This could be in the form of:

  • a conversation
  • a phone call
  • a text or email
  • a letter that someone has sent
  • something funny someone has said

Whatever it is, it’s time to document it.

Here is my example using the March Kit.

My 14yr old son is a funny thing. He’s such a typical teenage boy. Loud, pretty boystrious, loves gaming but he totally gets and appreciates all my handmade gifts and cards. This was a conversation we had when he asked me about the birthday cake I had made for him a few weeks before.

I layered up quite a bit of the DITL KIT this month. I really feel that the DITL Kits are such a great extension to the main kits. It just makes them stretch so much further each month.  I popped one of the cards from this kit in to my printer to add my journaling on and just rounded off the corners. I absolutely love the washi that comes with the kit this month. It’s worth purchasing the DITL kit just for that!!

Anna has joined me on this challenge this month. She has documented some of the sweet things that he little girl has recently been saying. It’s so adorable. Anna has been kind enough to translate for us.


This is what Anna said:

”The journaling is one of Tuva’s long monologues. Or, it’s kind of a dialogue, but I mostly say things like “wow”, “yes”, “ok”, “oh no” etc… and she talks and talks and talks… :D

It’s not really possible to translate, but I gave it a try. Perhaps it’s only funny to me. ;D

“If you die you don’t start living again. Unless it’s a game/play. Sometimes when we are playing and someone dies, and then live again, we pretend that you turn into a lion or a tiger or another dangerous animal. I don’t like that because I can only say “wooooaaaa” and no other animal. I can’t sound like a bear, only a tiger or a lion.

The only thing I know about rabbits is that they leap and that they eat carrots.

The tiger family – I think the tiger family eat humans. Do they?

Do tiger families even exist? “

I love this LO from Anna. I love that she cut her patterned paper from the March Kit in to strips to add her journaling on. That’s such a great idea. I’ve also just noticed that we both went sideways with our title work. How funny!!

I hope this challenge inspires you to document your own conversation. We would love you to join in.

I am going away this month, so I’ll extend this challenge a little giving you more time to play or you could even enter more than one LO. Why stop at one conversation????

All you need to do is add a link to your creation here by the 5th April – 11pm EST. One lucky winner will receive a $10 coupon to spend in the Daisy Store.

I really hope you have fun with this one.

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