February – Just for Fun – Scrapping Real Life Stories

Hi it’s time for another Just for Fun challenge.

Our inspiration this month comes from Denise.
It was something Denise said in the weekly chat.
How life can sometimes not be perfect but you look around at FB and all the other social media places and everyone’s lives seem so perfect.
So I thought it might be good to scrap the not so prefect next month.

I scrapped an apology letter from louis as he was being so awful this week.
But it could even be a not so perfect photo that you’ve taken.
I do believe that it’s important to capture the good and the bad.

I’ve just been looking back and have found some from years ago that I’ve also documented.
Those ‘not so perfect’ moments.
I’m so glad that I have these now though.
They all seem to be about Louis I notice :D

He went through a phase when he was always being given ‘time out’. This was at a top of a hill at The New Forest.

We were always telling (and still do 4yrs on) to slow down. Everything he does is at super speed and always results in tears.

I was so annoyed with him on this day. I’d given him this photo for the mini book he was making and he turned both him and my Mum into devils. It took a while before I saw the funny side and then documented the story.

Another apology letter. A have so many of these from him. Also 2010. Must’ve been a bad year :D


Either link us up here with your own real life work or join us on the MB here.

Remember this mid month challenge is just for fun and to stretch your creativity.
Please come and share your work here, I’d love to see. You have until 13th March – 11pm EST.
One winner will be picked and celebrated on our blog.

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