Lesson1: Planning Styles using the DaisyDori


Planning Styles

Daisy Dori

Hi my name is Tricia! Welcome to my lesson on planning styles. There are so many styles out there when it comes to planning but I’m going to focus on using a Traveler’s Notebook. I love the flexibility and portability the TN offers. When I use my Traveler’s Notebook I tend to lean towards a bullet journal style. I love quick logging my tasks and ideas all in one book. If you are not familiar with the bullet journal method I highly recommend going to bulletjournal.com to help you understand some of the concepts being used.

First, I want you to think about what you need when planning. There are three main views when planning; the monthly view, the weekly view, and the daily view. I use all three but I’m going to break down each one for you and talk more in depth about how I use them.

First: Monthly View


I love my monthly view! I really can’t live without it. I need a place to plan my appointments, kid activities, and events. It’s an easy snapshot of my month I can glance at quickly when scheduling activities and appointments. In my video I go more in depth on different types of monthly views so you can find one that works for you.

Second:Weekly View



The next thing I like to have is the weekly view. I need a week on two pages so I can see it all together. To achieve this in the smallest Daisy Dori I simply draw a line down the middle to give myself eight spaces. That way I have seven days and space for notes. This gives me plenty of room for my weekly appointments and any reminders I may have.

Third: Daily View



Lastly we have the daily view. This is where things get fun for me! I use my daily view to note any appointments or tasks I have for the day and I also use it as a mini memory keeper! If I don’t have a lot going on that day I will use that space for stickers or journaling. I love having open space to use however I need for the day, whether it’s  to keep me on schedule or give me extra room for creativity.

Video time! 

Here is a quick video giving examples of everything I just talked about! I hope you enjoy seeing these concepts in action and I look forward to our next lesson!

Tips and Tricks:

Try drawing out your own monthly view!

Make your weekly view work for you by separating out your page the way you want.

Do a little memory planning on your daily pages for days you don’t have a lot going on!

Happy Planning

xoxo Tricia Romo

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