Planning Style with Annie Nguyen

Hi everyone! My name is Annie and I’m so excited to share with you all what my planning style is like and what the process is like when I’m trying to plan.
Some of my favorite inserts from Cocoa Daisy are the week on two pages and month on two pages. I always find that the planner kits are more than enough to get your plan on. I rarely have to reach for other supplies and that’s what makes Cocoa Daisy kits so awesome!
Let’s start with the week on two pages, shall we? This is what it typically looks like when I’m about to plan, I have everything laid out and in arms reach:
When it comes to my weekly planning, I find that the sticker sheets are what I mostly use. Especially the to do checklist flags; they’re great for your every day lists! Whenever there are empty spaces, I layer stickers to add a touch of embellishments to my planner spread. Here is the final outcome and what’s left of my sticker sheets from the kit:
A nifty trick that I’ve found with the Cocoa Daisy inserts is that there is a small triangle that is perfectly placed above the weekend area. This triangle is strategically placed in the middle so that you can put some washi there like I did or draw a line down the middle to break up Saturday and Sunday.
Here are some close ups of how my weekly planning spread turned out:
Now onto my monthly planning, I tend to use mostly the die cuts that are included in the planner kit for this portion of my planning.
Just like before, I like to have all of my supplies laid out before I begin:
When it comes to my monthly planning, I use my planner add on kit instead of the main planner kit that I used for my weekly planning. If there are left over stickers, I sometimes slap a sticker somewhere that seems empty.
I used a tab die cut that I wrote “monthly” on to make it easier for me to flip to my monthly planning whenever I open up my planner. I also used some beautiful glitter washi on the notes section because I don’t really use it. From there, I layered some die cuts and stickers for additional embellishments. I find that writing diagonally also makes the spread a little more appealing to the eye. Here is the outcome:
And that’s it! I hope you’ll all enjoy peeping into my planning style and hopefully I was able to provide a tip or two! These kits are seriously so amazing and aside from reaching for some adhesive tape, I didn’t have to grab anything else! I’ll see you guys in my next lesson. 🙂
Annie Nguyen

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