Memory Keeping in Daisy Dori by Pepper

Hello all, welcome to another Planner 102 lesson. I’m Pepper. Today, I’m going to share with my memory keeping process with you, using Daisy Dori.

I love doing that because it is really convenient. Daisy Dori has lots of pretty pages that you can practically just stick some photos in them and pen down your journaling and call it done. It is also very flexible too. If you do like the design of the left page but the right page does not suit your photo, you can easily stick another piece of paper (in your planner kit) or a dashboard over (I do that quite a bit in the video below) . So let’s get started, shall we?

Printing photo

For such a project, it is best that you use a portable printer like the Fujifilm Instax Share printer or the Polaroid Zinc printer. You can easily print tiny photos off your mobile phone.


Here is a video showing how I get these photos printed 🙂


Gathering supplies

To do this project, I gathered some basic tools and supplies such as washi tape, acrylic block, inks and etc. Then I pick some bits and pieces from the current kit and then search through my ‘old stash’ tray for even more ephemera.



Here is a video showing the supplies I gathered.

Documenting process

After printing the photos, gathering the supplies and having all the necessary items in one place, I start pulling everything together in the little book. It was lots of fun to do that. Firstly, check out the video below, it shows my process for 4 of the pages, as well as some tips and tricks to complete them. In the video, you will also see how I mess up a few times , but manage to fix them eventually 🙂


Here are some close-ups of the pages I did for this week, and the tips and tricks summarized. You can consider them as ‘ homework’ if you want to do something concrete following today ‘s lesson. Feel free to scrap-lift them as well, as it helps you to get started quickly. You don’t have to use the exact products, feel free to change things around too 🙂 So here goes the 4 tips (or homework:p)

Page 1 – Stamping a favourite quote 

Stamping your favourite quote on the notepad that comes with your kit, and paste it in your page using a cute washi tape. The advantage of using the paper from the notepad is that if you mess things up, you can easily take a new piece and start over. Also, you can stamp on an even surface (if your Dori is already thick and chunky behind) If you want to stamp directly in your Dori, remember to use inks that are not so watery, I find that chalk ink works the best.


Page 2 – Use up your planner stickers  

The planner kits come with tons of stickers, and I often have lots left even after using it for the month. You might want to use them to decorate your Dori pages. Those cute phrase stickers, arrows, circles and etc, they are great embellishments.



Page 3 – Use a background paper with 3 embellishments

As you might have already noticed, the Cocoa Daisy DITL kits, scrapbook kits and Planner kits all have the same theme each month. The cute motifs appear in all the kits. I often use the DITL kit supplies to embellish my pages too. But the easiest way is to use a pretty background paper and stick your favourite just 3 of your favourite embellishments and call it down. Simple and pretty 🙂




Page 4 – Add extra space using journaling card

Sometimes, you might feel that you have so many photos but so little spaces to document your memories. Simply attach a journaling card using washi tape (make sure it’s really sticky) Then you have more space to write your journaling and add photos.



Other pages (not in the video)

Here are some of the pages that I did in this Dori but not featured in the video. I used similar tricks as mentioned before.


cocoadaisy_plannerclass-10 cocoadaisy_plannerclass-9 cocoadaisy_plannerclass-8 cocoadaisy_plannerclass-7

cocoadaisy_plannerclass-6 cocoadaisy_plannerclass-5

Hope you enjoyed this lesson. I would love to see what you do with these. If you create something , do share it in the comments below. Stay tuned for more awesome planner lessons to come !

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