Introducing Nazareth



Today we are sharing Nazareth’s bio and social media links with you. Nazareth’s first lesson will be the third week of class. We didn’t want you to wait that long to get to know her. Be sure to check out her YouTube channel. You will find her Cocoa Daisy videos delightful. 🙂


My name is Nazareth and I live in a tiny house in Madrid, Spain. I´m a biologist and biology teacher to be. I´ve always loved the smell of new books, the feeling of paper, stamps, inks and everything stationery related. I started seeing planners on Instagram, not the usual boring planning, but awesome planner pages, colorful, stunning stickers, lovely calligraphy… so I decided I wanted my planner to be that awesome, too! I was hooked by the idea of making pretty something that I would be looking at several times a day. A little time for myself making creative stuff made me become a planner addict. Since I’m studying to become a teacher, planning comes in handy!



Instagram: @ladyreverse
Facebook: Lady reverse and Isabella Von Willebrand
Youtube: Isabella Von Willebrand

Here is a YouTube video featuring Cocoa Daisy that I am especially proud of:


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