Lesson four: Decorating

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This lesson is all about decorating! I enjoy decorating my planner for many reasons. When I open my planner I want it to be something that inspires me, something that makes me smile and adding all the bits and pieces from my Cocoa Daisy kit helps me achieve that. I also love being creative! Even if it’s something simple like making a new dashboard for my planner, it makes my soul happy.

 One of the first things I do when I get my kit is lay out all the pieces and start putting them in my planner. In the front of my Traveler’s Notebook I have two sticky clear pockets from Avery. They are called the business card pockets if you go looking for them. They make great card holders if you use your TN as a wallet, but they also work wonderfully holding diecuts, clips, and a folded piece of the memo pad paper.

Next I always take the paper from the kit to make new dashboards. I use the vinyl dashboards from Foxy Fix because they act as little photo albums and I can change them out easily each month. In the picture above I put one of my favorite pictures from October and added a few stickers.

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I really appreciate that the Daisy Dori cover is blank! It allows me to add my own personal touch each month. I usually use a dashboard from the dashboard add on but this month I kept it simple. I took some letter stickers to spell out the month and year and added that cute owl in a sweater.

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For the inside I keep my decorating pretty minimal. The pages are already so beautiful I don’t want to take away from that. A few stickers here and there work perfectly!



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The little animal stickers make perfect decorations for days that I don’t have a lot going on. This little squirrel with his coffee is just adorable and it’s one of those things that makes me smile.

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I loved this clear acetate with Simon! I decided to cut him out and use him as a bookmark. He’s the perfect addition to my week.

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His little ears even peek up so I can easily find my place!

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In the back of my planner I have another clear pocket, this one is from Target a while back, and another dashboard. Our new puppy makes an appearance back here and so does this cute owl. I just stuck in one of the cards that came in the kit and added a clip.Behind that card are some stamps, hidden away. Enjoy this video peek inside my decorating below.


Tips and Tricks

Try to store as many pieces from your kit as you can in your planner for easy access.

Make new dashboards each month to change things up.

If you don’t have time to do a lot of decorating let the pages speak for themselves!

I have really enjoyed teaching this year! Thank you everyone for joining me and the other teachers on this journey. I have been so inspired by everyone’s work! I look forward to seeing how you guys decorate your planners. I will see you again on the Cocoa Daisy blog and you can find me on IG !

Happy Planning

xoxo Tricia



  1. Anne-marie Tribbett

    Hi Tricia! I am just new to the class as saw had kits in stock again so signed up for the class and kit. I need to go back and start from the beginning but I love your travelers notebook in this post. Would you mind sharing the name of it and where you purchased it?

    Thanks so much and have a blessed Thanksgiving!

    • TriciaRomo1123

      Hi! Welcome to class! This is the passport wide size, Rowena leather from Foxy Fix. On her website it is a number 1 size.


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