Lesson 3 | Motivation, Tracking and Challenges

Good Morning, All! Have you been loving this class as much as I have? I love hearing about everyone’s planner styles and all the different ideas for using the same things. I’ve just been on overload. So many great ideas filling my brain. Making me think about how to use my planner differently. Good Stuff. Such Good Stuff.

Today, I’m here to share how I use my DaisyDori’s each month. Let me start by saying I don’t plan my actual days in my DaisyDori. I have separate notebooks in my traveler’s notebook for my monthly/weekly/daily planning. My dori’s have been for my bullet journal (to-do lists), challenges and tracking. I love to keep track of everything in my life and need a place for lists and the DaisyDori is a perfect place for all of this goodness. Do you want to see how I do it all?

The cute monthly calendar on the first page is perfect for birthdays, Seahawk games, holidays and appointments. I use tiny stickers from my stash and I prefer mostly black and white for this page. I love the cute, clean look.

I used the die cut tabs from the planner kits to mark my sections. I use both the sides and the tops of the pages for a fun hodge podge look. Hodge podge is my favorite.

Next up is my Gratitude Log. Very bullet journalesque. In November, I’ve done a 30 days of thankful/gratitude project every year for a long time and thought my DaisyDori was the perfect place to house this project. One line of gratitude per day of the month. I love to celebrate the small things and the happy things and all the things in my life that I’m grateful for. (You’ll see later in this lesson how I’m using these thankful thoughts in another section of my dori to document them a little more special than jsut the list).

I’m using the grid section for my bullet journal lists. I don’t have a key because i just fill in the square when the item is completed and an arrow, if I have to move it to the next day or another day. It’s not really a true bullet journal, but it’s my version and it works for me.

Usually I mark the tabs with letter stickers with the name of the section, but this month I challenged myself to use these cute stickers that were perfect for the tabs. Can any of you guess what section this tab is marking?

If you guessed my menu section, you’d be right! This calendar page is my favorite to create each month. I just love this layout. You could even do this to create a larger monthly spread, if you needed something bigger than the cute calendar on the first page. It’s super simple to create with the seven colored tabs on the edges of the pages and the notebook lined pages. I just use a ruler to mark the center of the pages and draw in the lines.

This section of the book is where I keep the monthly challenge of my choice. Many months it’s the #Listersgottslist challenge, but this month it’s my 30 days of Thanksgiving section. I take a photo each day of the things I’m grateful for and get them printed in super tiny size for my documentation challenge. It’s turning out so cute, if I can say so myself. I also plan to use this section, in future months for hand-lettering challenges and other art journaling challenges. There are so many out there, I sometimes get overwhelmed.

I’m working on this section as the month goes along so it’s done at the end of the month and I can move on to the next month’s challenge of my choice in the next month’s dori.

The last section in my personal size dori is my Happy Mail section. I like to write it down when I order or know it’s coming and then mark it off when it arrives. The cute Happy Mail card Christine includes int he Cocoa Daisy boxes is perfect to mark the section. I love it! Happy Mail always makes me smile.

I also got the baby dori this month and I’m experimenting with the pocket size as my main planner. I can’t get all of this same stuff in the baby dori, but I’m reworking how I do things. I love reworking in my planners. It’s like moving furniture around in my home. That was always a favorite thing to do in my bedroom when I was a kid.

Let’s take a look at what I’ve got for November.
The cute calendar cards from the monthly DITL kits are perfect for the cover of the baby dori (actually name to be coming soon).

More cuteness on the “title page”.

Here’s how my bullet journal/to-do list pages are turning out. I wish I had more of the banner checklists. I’d love to use them everyday of the month.

There you have it. My standard/personal size dori’s are pretty well set and the baby dori is still a work in progress. I can’t wait to see what December will hold.

Have an awesome day! The weekend is almost here!


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