Using a Typewriter with Planning

G’day there!

I have fallen into the I absolutely love everything about planning hole.  BUT there is just one thing…  I’m not huge on my own handwriting and I know I’m not alone right?  I have a few different style of handwriting, but even as a teenagers I’ve just never like my own.  So what’s a planner girl to do?

Then came the idea to use my trusty old typewriter.  I use it for my memory planner so why not my everyday planner?

There are a few pros and cons when it comes to using a typewriter and I’m learning them along the way.  One is a personal one, when you have long nails, it’s easy to hit the wrong letter and there is no backspace, haha!  It adds character right?


I used the weekly pages in the personal planner kit as almost my week at a glance and then the notes side for anything else I need to remember and honestly just have fun with stickers as I find it very relaxing to play with stickers.

I’m sure you will agree that the kits have a feel where a typewriter just ‘suits’ the style every month.  Typing your week in advance can sometimes be tricky.  But I like to set some time aside, usually the Sunday to plan my week out and anything I missed the week before I will add in.  A planner to me is not just for planning, it’s another form of memory keeping really?  I’m rather forgetful and having a resource to reference to helps me in future memory keeping.

I hope that by sharing my use of a typewriter and planner that if you’ve been putting off planning because of your handwriting you now give it a try.  Planning is amazing and when you have a gorgeous Cocoa Daisy kit, it makes even better!

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  1. Kathleen Fetterly

    Nicely done! Looks like you have an Olympia? I am going to use my typewriter to make planning easier!


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