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It’s the last Saturday before a new month and that means…time to setup our planners for September! No matter your planning style, there is always something you can add to your planner using the Cocoa Daisy kits to help you get excited for a new month and get organized. Today, we have three setups to share with you using the Doodles and Dashes CollectionGrab a cozy drink, your planner and your kits; it’s time for a little planner inspiration!

Audrey’s Crafty Mind Map is such a great way to creatively set your intentions for the month.

“How do you set up your planner for the months? Me, I make a Crafty Mind Map… a goal list if you will on what I need to accomplish for the month! Let’s dive into my process.
I start by laying out all of the flat items from the kits to figure out what I want to use. There are always so many goodies in the Cocoa Daisy kits. Here I am using items from the Doodles and Dashes Traveler’s Notebook kit, the Doodles and Dashes Modern Memory Keeping kit, the Doodles and Dashes Memory Keeping Sticker Kit and of course, the Doodles and Dashes Planner Kit.
Next, I create a list of what I need to do during the month, where I need to go, and important dates. Did you know that at the bottom of one of the sticker sheets in the Doodles and Dashes Planner Kit there is a list of important dates for the month? I just love that and use it to help plan my month. After I make my list I get started on my crafty mind map.
Ok, here is the quick version. I start with the paper found in the memory-keeping kits. I then build my mind map first with stamps, then stickers, the journaling, and connect it all together using my favorite item, the Doodles and Dashes Planner Kit Pen. And yes, Barley, my cat is always on my craft table helping me plan!! How do you set up your planner?”
Sometimes, like Evy, we just miss setting up a planner.
“As a birthday present, I bought myself the Doodles and Dashes Planner Kit in the A5 version! I realized that I really missed decorating the planner and thinking about the setup.
First I chose the planner and decorated the pockets using a lot of embellishments and cards from the memory-keeping kits.
Then I decided on the various sections, choosing simplicity for this first month. I inserted the tabs using the Doodles and Dashes Memory Keeping Papers as dividers.
In the end, I had fun creating 2 bookmarks by laminating the large tags of the Doodles and Dashes Classified: Memory Keeping kit.
Now just date everything and make you a video of the final result!
I like to mix elements of the various kits to create my own custom setup.”
My memory journal is my new favorite planner to set up each month.
Using the Doodles and Dashes Collection to set up my memory journal is a great way for me to get familiar with all the kit components and have fun experimenting with stamps, stickers, die cuts, and rub-on’s. Since this is a bound journal I do limit myself to flatter embellishments. I am loving the cards found in the Doodles and Dashes Traveler’s Notebook kit, which fit perfectly in the middle of my page bordering two strips of washi from the same kit.
This page was about about trying something new. I was inspired by one of the pattern papers from the Doodles and Dashes Traveler’s Notebook kit and wanted to create a similar look on this page. I started with the long doodle line stamp from Traveler’s Notebook kit and stamped across the page, allowing two of the lines to overlap.
Using the dashed stamp from Peach Ridge Memory Keeping Stamps, I made boxes on a scrap piece of paper and trimmed them to “hang” from the lines. Next, I pulled the three “Current” die cuts from the Traveler’s Notebook kit and placed them inside the boxes. When I saw the word strip stickers from the Doodles and Dashes Classified: Memory Keeping kit I knew they would make great descriptions for each of the titles.

I cannot get enough of the Rub-on’s found in the Doodles and Dashes Planner Add-On Kit. If you are looking for flat embellishments, rub-on’s are perfect! I love to overlap them slightly, and color them in with colored pencil. I love this setup for September, and look forward to diving further into this gorgeous collection.


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