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Hi and welcome to the second of this months ‘Product Focus’ blog posts.

In every February ‘Color Swatch’ main kit you will be receiving a piece of watercolour paper. I’m sure some of you will be delighted, but we are sure some of you may be slightly stumped as to what to do with this white piece of paper too. As always we want you to make the most out of your Cocoa Daisy Kits, so a few of us will be sharing with you over the next few days, how we used our piece of watercolour paper.

I really enjoy adding colour to my LO’s, so I wanted to make the most out of mine and make it bright. Before I start my step by step process, I shall share with you the finished piece.



The rainbow and the raindrops are made using the watercolour paper. Here is how I started.

I cut my w/c paper in two. One piece being slightly larger. The smaller of the two, I took my inktense blocks and coloured a very rough rainbow. I emphasize ‘the very rough’ as that is excatly what it is. I am by no means an artist when it comes to drawing….as you can see here : )  But that’s what I love about this kind of art, it doesn’t have to be perfect or infact even good, thankfully for me.

Then by brushing over with a wide wet brush the rainbow starts to take on a whole new form. The colours blend and suddenly what looked like childs play now looks slightly acceptable. One thing I do feel that is important to add at this point, brush in the one direction. I brushed accross on this rainbow and rinsed my brush each time before brushing accross again. If I had of brushed down each time the red would have run down into the blues. That can of course look great too, but that wasn’t the look I wanted this time. I wanted it to look like a rainbow.

The rainbow is now left to dry and I start on my raindrops. Again, very roughly I draw out some drops. Obviously anything can be drawn though. I then coloured the drops in using a couple of watercolour pencils and an inktense block.

Using the same wide brush as before, I load the brush up with water and press down on the top of each drop letting the water run down. I love how this looks. To encourage the water fall, I have repeated this a couple of times and brushed over lightly too. These are then also left to dry.

Once they are dry, I reach for the black pen and doodle around the edges over and over.

I had already planned to make quite a personal LO and decided that I would be hiding my journaling. There are a couple of white tags that also come with the main kit which make for the perfect hidden journaling tags. They are a nice size, so you can write a good sized messaage on them. One side is shiny and the other matt, so I’m working with the matt. Back to the childs play again and I’m reaching for the watercolour pencils again and I end up with this.

I use the same brush and wash downwards on the tag this time. I decided that I wanted a little more blue on my tag, so whilst still very wet and drippy, I take my Blue Slushie Maya Mist and spray the tag a couple of times and hold up to let it run a little. The tag is now left to dry.

It’s now time to piece the LO together. The rain drops are cut out. The rainbow card has been stuck down by just applying a small amount of pva glue on the long sides only, enabling the tag to slide inside the rainbow pocket.

And here are some close ups of this LO giving you some lovely sneaks in to the beautiful new kit.



And the rainbow card that started off this whole page.

And my hidden journaling tag.

Here is the finished LO once again.

I did rub the blue inktense block and scribble with the blue watercolour pencil along the bottom of the page. I used the wide paintbrush again full of water and washed across the page. There was quite alot of excess water laying ontop of the page so I used this to wash over the drops and over by the clouds too. You can see the faintness of the blue wash. I like this.

I hope you have enjoyed this little insight to how my LO was made.  Alissa is with you tomorrow. I can’t wait to see what she has instore for us.

Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. AnnaB

    I love this so much Lisa! So pretty!


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