What do I do with that?

Good morning, all! How did you all like reveal this weekend? Awesome stuff, right? I love the colors, the rose gold and all the fun elements in the kits this month! So much fun, right? Sometimes, though. you get an item in your kits that you say to yourself, “What do I do with this?” Maybe it’s a themed item or the colors aren’t something you normally choose or it’s just not your “style”. We’ve all had that happen and I find that aspect particularity fun about getting a curated kit each month. I’m challenged to go outside of my box to make something happen and I’m always happy with the results!

Wendy and Janet joined me this month and we went with a few different products to spotlight today. Perfect, right? Let’s start with Wendy’s page.

Here’s what Wendy had to say…
I love puffy stickers, but sometimes they seem a little too cutesy for my projects. What about you? In this intro page to my finished PL album, the topic was very serious, but I want to remember the good things of 2015-2016. With the help of a few scattered puffy stickers, in well thought out places (edges, bottom, and within a PL card) that pertained to my theme, I was able to lighten the feel of the page, without turning cutesy.

I feel the same way about puffy stickers, a lot of the time. They are cute and I love them, but they don’t always work with my pages. I love what Wendy did with them and what she had to say about using them on more serious topics.

Janet focused on the journal cards in the DITL kit. She focused on using them for something other than pocket scrapbooking.

Janet Perafan-Babar | Cocoa Daisy February 2017 Card

Here’s what she had to say…
I chose to spotlight on the journaling cards in the DITL kits. I love to use them not only for pocket pages, but because they can easily be used as pattern paper and sentiments on cards. I used two journaling cards in this card. Cutting the Shine Bright 3×4 card in two. One half for the sentiment the other half in my die cut heart. Another journaling card was used as a background behind the focal point.

For my page, I went with the rose gold foil elements in the main kit ephemera pack. In particular, the car. I always think the car elements are adorable, but we don’t go on a lot of road trips or document stories about our cars.

I’m here to say, use the stuff you love, even if you don’t think it works. I love how these rose gold items helped to add softness to my black & white photo of my hubby and myself in our Seahawks gear. The rose gold added that “pink” element I needed for the “love” theme of this page. And that cute foiled car, I imagine us going on road trips all the time. I just wish we had more time in the days so we could that happen more often. Some day…

Now it’s your turn. When your kits start arriving later this month, look at every product with new eyes and remember my challenge to make it work. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the results!

Have an awesome week, lovelies,


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