5 Favorite Things!

Hey everyone! So I’m sorry for the late posting, but I wrote my post and thought I had it scheduled, but instead it totally disappeared! I’m not sure if it’s a website glitch or user error ?, so I’m getting it back up to share with you all my 5 favorite things!

I realize we are only halfway through April, but I’m sharing my five favorite things with you from May’s kit. That way, if you spot something you like and it’s not in a kit you subscribe to, you have time to grab it from the store (if it’s still in stock) before setting up for next month!

Ok, the first thing that jumped at me was the pen. Is that any surprise?! The signature Cocoa Daisy pens are always gorgeous, but I have a secret: my favorite ones are always the ones with the designs! I love the solid color ones too – they’re classic. But the ones with the patterns just add just a fun pop of interest. And since I’m a neutral planner/colorful decor combo lover, having the patterned pen peeking out of my brown planner makes me happy!

Speaking of colorful, how gorgeous is this dangle charm? A gorgeous mix of green, blue, and turquoise, this is perfect for adding color to the outside of my planner!

Vellum is always always always one of my favorite items when it pops up in a kit. No one does gorgeous vellum like Cocoa Daisy! They always have the most gorgeous patterns and foil, and it’s perfect for punching and putting in my rings.

How cute is #4 on my list? This Simon clip is just adorable. I love plants but can’t keep them alive to save my own life haha. So having a little Simon clip holding some plants is a perfect compromise in my mind!

Last, but certainly not least: this paper. How gorgeous is it? I loooove that it has all the shades of green that are in the rest of the kit, but with that surprising pop of peach in there – perfection! This is going to be my front dashboard so I see it every time I open my planner in May!

And because I’m a rebel and I always do this, I have a #6 favorite item as well: the clear sticker pocket! I have loved these ever since Christine put them in her kits. They are perfect to hold all the different sticker kits each month so that I never lose a sheet (hopefully haha). I love the switch up she did this month with the white squares. Different from the polka bots – it’s a great natural pocket to use with any kit!

What are your favorite items in the May kit? Is there anything jumping out at you for next month? This post has gotten me super excited to go ahead and set everything up! Hahaha.

Talk to you soon Daisies!


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