Five Favorites from the My Escape Collection

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In today’s post, we asked a few members of our Creative Team to share their five favorites from the My Escape Collection. Without further adieu, let’s see what they are loving this month!

It was hard for Belinda to choose only Five Favorites from the My Escape Collection but it all came together as she set up her Notepad Holder.

“To start, I love the Notepad Holder which was part of the My Escape Planner Add On Kit. I just fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. The cover with the car boot filled with luggage reminded me of my old VW Bug which was my first car, though she was olive in color and carried the same name. I have quite a lovely collection of Cocoa Daisy Notepad Holders, but this one is definitely something special.

That Kombi Pocket Card from the Planner Add On Kit just called to me. I need more spontaneity in my life so this one sits up front and center. I clipped the pocket card in place using the sweet cream bow found in the My Escape Planner Kit. I love how its neutral color will go beautifully with all my other planner goodies. It will definitely find it’s way back into my planner again and again in the future.

I must say I have a thing for tags, so was thrilled to see Junes notepad from the Planner Kit was designed as a tag. The ‘Start Here’ prompt is so versatile and will be very handy for notes and to-do’s. And lastly but by no means least is the gorgeous Daisy Pen. I really appreciate getting a coordinating pen each month, and look forward to adding it to my planner or Notepad Holder whatever the case might be.”


Kylie had so much fun choosing my 5 favourites from such a gorgeous and colourful themed collection.

“First up on my list is the exclusive sticker tabs from the My Escape Classified: Planner Kit. I have placed these beauties everywhere throughout my planner. From my dashboards, dividers, notecards, and planner pages. Not only are they practical but they add such a lovely decorative element.

Can we chat about these cute DAY stickers from the Classified: Planner Kit. Oh…so…cute. I love the colour they add to my weekly pages and that they stand out from the page.


Washi tape for the win! I have combined the washi tapes for June from the Planner Kit, My Escape Modern Memory Keeping Kit, and My Escape Travelers Notebook Memory Keeping Kit. I’ve used them as borders to my planner pages and decoratively on dividers as well.

Next on my list of 5 is theMy Escape FREE Printable. I’ve enjoyed creating page markers from the cameras and the book stacks. Once I had fussy cut several of them out, I adhered them overlapping the previous and laminated them to be more sturdy.

My final favourite for today is the Acetate sheet from the Classified: Planner Kit. The book print is so gorgeous and really ‘pops’ with a white background behind it.”

Tanti loves the travel theme from this month’s collection.

“Choosing five favorites from this month’s kit was not so easy for me. Since I’m so in love with the travel theme that I automatically fell in love with all the items in this kit. But here are her five most loved items from the My Escape Collection. The first item is the shaped tab stickers sheet from the Classified: Planner Kit. Besides using the stickers as a tab, I used one of them to create a cute little charm that I attached to the tab on my tip-in.

The second item is the notepad holder from the Planner Add On Kit . This month, I transferred it into a mini TN binder to hold the mini notebook that I will take with me during the vacation to take some notes on the go.

The third item is the rub-on sheet from the Planner Kit, and from the Modern Memory Keeping Kit. I love using rub ons to make some clear die cuts for my journal spreads. I rubbed them on a piece of clear plastic packaging and then fussy cut them.

My fourth favorite item is the washi tape. I love all four washi tapes that came with the different kits this month but the thin one from the Classified: Planner Kit was my most favorite one. First, I used it to separate the weekend days in my planner section. Then I used it to create some cute embellishments. I made some mini envelopes out of the printable planner pages and decorated the edges using that thin washi tape. They just look like a real envelope. I will use them to decorate both my planner and my journal spreads.

My final favorite item is the vellum sheet from the Classified: Planner Kit . This month I used it to create a clear-shaped pocket in my Daisy Dori. I fussy cut the map print on the vellum, laminated it, and then fussy cut it again. I then put the double-sided glue tape on the top, on the bottom, and on the left side of it and stuck it on the backside of my TN cover.”

Like Pauline, when you love the whole collection, it is hard to choose!

“I love the June kit so much that it was really difficult to choose 5 favorite elements! I really loved the notepad from the Planner Kit, the beautiful clip from the Planner Add On Kit, the Simon card from Classified: Planner Kit, the newsletter paper from the My Escape FREE Printable, and my most favorite tasks stickers sheet from the Classified: Planner Kit.

I plan to use the end of this sticker sheet from the Classified: Planner Kit on my monthly page. I’ll stick those on the appropriate page, and complete them with other Cocoa Daisy Stickers from this collection.

I’m using this gorgeous charm from the Planner Add On Kit as a page marker for the day. I clip it on the side of my page, so I can easily see it.

I used more than one favorite to make my tracker page this month. For the background, I used the beautiful paper page from the newsletter FREE Printable. I printed it 2 times and cut it in A5 size. On the right page, I used the tracker printable file in A5 size and fussy cut the circle.

On the left page, I also included the Simon card. I just love this card !!! Another favorite on this page is the notepad that I plan to use to remind me of my favorite June books.

I am in love with hexagons that are in the Sticker Kit each month. I can group my tasks and have beautiful decorations for my day. I like to add some stamping, but this month I included the sheet with all those tasks that were in the planner classified kit.

I really love this sticker sheet, so I used it a lot in my daily boxes. I absolutely love to make my own planner pages, mixing all stickers from all the sticker kits and adding some stamping. When there is a “big event” like there will be this week, I like to add some alphas from the Planner Add On Kit or the Daisy Sticker Add-On Kit.

What were your favorite items from the My Escape Collection? Share with us by tagging @cocoa_daisy on social media or posting to the Cocoa Daisy Fan Page. Make sure to visit our Pinterest page for more inspiration.


Rachel, Creative Team Blog Coordinator

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