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hi, Daisies! Mandie here with a peek at my space in our new house in Florida. I was hoping to have it 100% squared away when I wrote this post. It’s still not totally how I like it, and I now share “office” space with the family. To top it off, it is attached to my kitchen. So, it is always cluttered. I decided to just show you how it is… the good the bad & the ugly (complete with random Legos & a flip flop). Let’s be real… Most of us don’t have our space looking magazine worthy most of the time anyway, right? Also – in addition to the clutter, please ignore the lighting. It has been raining non-stop here for days. 😛 Without further rambling, here is my space:

IMG_3136The white table is our old kitchen table. My kitchen is to the left (& it is a mess. no showing that! Ha!) If you go toward the right, you find this built in shelving unit. Not my personal taste; but when you are renting, sometimes you just have to work around the homeowners’ taste. It does make handy storage though.

IMG_3139IMG_3148In here, I have all kinds of things, lots of page protectors, Project Life cards, twine, photos… Things that use to be on one of my Expedit shelves, but won’t fit in here because of the built in. Ha!

IMG_3150Over here, I have our albums, some stickers. Those expedit drawers hold extras (adhesives, inks, typewriter ribbons, etc.) The Rainbow Brite is, indeed, mine. However the Minecraft skeleton is not. That is my youngest’s. He is waiting for me to fix a seam.

IMG_3152That particular Raskog cart houses my Cocoa Daisy stamps (& some inks and photos.)

IMG_3154Over here, We have the computer desk (complete with a leg lamp. Yep. Classy. ha!) The mint Alex cart houses office stuff. The black cart has kits in it.

IMG_3169Normally organized a little better, but just a representation of how I’ve felt since we got here – unorganized. ha! I use divider trays I found at Target in here for the smaller items. I’ve been doing this for several years now & find it to be a great way to organize my kits. I just pull it out when I am ready to use it.

IMG_3160A quick shot of my other 2 Raskog carts. I purged a TON of scrap stuff between the last two moves; so I use to have my carts packed full. Now they just have a little in them. I should probably condense them and use a cart in another room. Just haven’t gotten there yet!


Here I have a spinner from Harbor Freight. Again, kind of empty looking!

IMG_3155On my desk, I have this little guy with some essentials (& a bit of clutter)

IMG_3176This is one of my favorites: my yellow table. Under it, I have boxes of items to sell or donate. The shelf has layouts that need to be put away, cards, my sewing machine. On top, I have odds & ends in a tray. In the drawers, I have diecuts and buttons:


So… there ya have it. My space. A little cluttered & not quite organized to my liking. I have a bunch of stuff to hang. I just need a trip to Ikea to buy frames. It’s incomplete, but I hope you enjoyed it anyway!








  1. Laura

    Looks amazing. I love the yellow desk!

  2. Denise M

    looks pretty amazing to me. I think I might sell my children for a space like that!

  3. Barbara

    Thanks for posting your space. I love seeing how others organize their creative spaces. I am in love with the yellow table. So cheerful. Great space!

  4. Naomi Balzer on Facebook

    Fantastic space…and yes…it takes awhile once you move to actually find the best spot for your stuff….I like what you have so far…seems pretty organized to me! Thanks for sharing….

  5. Marti Richards

    I love your space, Mandie! Love the yellow table. But, my favorite is the leg lamp- I have the same thing in my scrap space!! 🙂


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