Tips & Tricks::Don’t forget the scraps!

Hi Daisies! I hope that you are having a great month of February so far. It always seems to fly by quickly, just because it is a couple of days shorter than the other months. But hopefully you are finding ways to squeeze in some extra crafting time. I especially love to make hand-made cards and gifts this time of year. It demands some extra time and energy, but to me the extra love that goes into the things I make makes it worth it.

So here I am with a really basic- maybe even a bit of a ‘cop-out’ tip for you today when it comes to scrapping, and that is to use your scraps! wow. What a light bulb moment, right?! But if you are like me you LOVE the tiny bits and pieces leftover from your kit or in your stash from month to month. I have issues throwing out the tiniest pieces of things I love sometimes. So one of my favorite things to do is to actually use them up and put them into projects like Valentine cards.



The little edges on 12×12 papers have so many uses. They can be cut into tiny photo corners, or snipped into a simple arrow. They can be border strips on cards or tags. Or just an extra piece of a layer tucked behind a favorite stamp. The same is true for ends of full sheets that get cut away. I sometimes take a leftover piece and just fold it in half. It becomes an instant base to a card, and if I don’t have a matching envelope, then I either make one or find one that is too big and slip it into that. So easy!


Here are just a few cards that I have made in the past few days. You can see they have lots of scraps and all sorts of random pieces on them- from machine stitching to stamping to washi tape. It is fun to just try different techniques and play while you create cards and tags. I like to sit and imagine the happiness that is going to spread on the other end of the mailbox when someone receives their card. I have never met a person that doesn’t love getting happy mail! =)




If I could send each of you reading this post a card, I would! Instead, I hope that I have inspired you in even the smallest way, to use your scraps, make a little something and give it away. You are bound to brighten someone’s day. Even if that person lives next door! Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you too!




  1. Julie B

    Thank you for the inspiration. Love all your little details that end up being big in the overall picture. Love, love, love all the layers!

  2. Suz

    Super cute Jody! SO inspired! Thanks for sharing!


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