Making Lemonade

So this post is meant to be a tips & tricks post.
But instead of being some ideas for a scrap project I’m going to talk about life.
Have you seen the Monty Python movie “Holy Grail”?
Are you familiar with the scene with King Arthur and the Black Knight?
Sometimes life can feel like that.
It takes and takes but you keep fighting back.
You get knocked down but you get back up again.
Or you might be like Dory, from “Finding Nemo”, and just keep swimming.
Life is a little like that for me at the moment.
Every turn seems to stretch me more.
New challenges, busy lives or just plain old bad stuff can mean that you need to be reminded to stop, breathe and take a moment.
So my tip for you is to do just that.
Take that moment.
Take it and use it for something that makes a difference.
It could be as simple as feeling the sunshine on your back.
It could be writing down a thought while you can.
It could be the simple pleasure of having a hug with your kids.
For me that moment was capturing a photo of our craziness and later finding time to create a page documenting life right now.
Our crazy busy life right now.


My moment was making lemonade, out of life, and being so very thankful for it.
I hope this busy time of the year doesn’t wear you down too much and I hope you remember to capture the crazy moments that make up hectic times.
These times also need to be documented, even if it’s so you can look back and say “I survived”!

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  1. Julie B

    Beautiful layout both with the message and visually.


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