Using the Planner kit for memory keeping

Wonder what to do with the planner kit leftovers? So there’s always the option to hoard it all, I am very guilty of that. But first I like to use my scraps for memory keeping. This layout was made almost exclusively with planner kit items, a bit of cardstock and a bit of mixed media. Using stencils and other messy things is a great way to stretch the kit onto memory keeping! Not to mention that it’s fun!

My first tip: save the  packaging! There are just so many fun elements there. From the glassin envelopes to the tissue paper to plastic pockets to… there are just so many fun things to play around with here. I love to use it for layering and to make hidden journaling. I always bring a stack of different packaging items with me when I do my memory keeping, you know just in case. This time I went for an envelope that I’ve hoarded for a while, the zigzag pattern i just so cute! And its great to use underneath a photo to make it pop a bit.


Even if I use the minidori I just can’t let the standard dori go. What I have decided to do is to use it as a clip book, I just view the pages as patterned papers. This way I have fantastic journaling spots, I can rip an entire page out and write what ever is on my mind, I have an empty midori insert where I can glue it in and keep it just for myself. For this layout I wanted to use the monthly overview as a patterned paper to have as another layer underneath my photo.


I ripped the page in half and used the bottom piece as a journaling spot, only I flipped it and used the back. Even better as the back was lined. The little fox is another planner piece and comes from the main planner kit for October. And the stickers also comes from the planner kits. The hearts from the planner add on is just such a fun little accent to sprinkle here and there.


Initially  I wanted to keep the mushroom at the top but I didn’t like the way it looked. Instead I quickly cut it out and stuck it underneath my paperstack. It adds a bit of color and also makes the page look a bit more fun!


To  add the date I used a tab from the pretty sticker sheet in the main planner kit and I pulled out a roller stamp from my stash to stamp the date out.


The header alphas are a mix of planner add on kit and pocket memory keeping kit. These alphas together with the roller stamp  and card stock are the only things that I didn’t grab from the planner kits. To highlight the title I  used a piece of a glassin bag just like it was a piece of washi.


The finished 6×8 page! And the best part? There are still plenty of goodies left to play around with for more memory keeping, or just to keep for future months in my planner.

How do you use your planner kit leftovers?




  1. Monica Ahlström

    Well I am in no way exclusive in how I use my things, they can end up in any month’s planner. And being a horder (I try to fight it the best I can…) I don’t have the heart to use up everything directly.

  2. Simone Schermann

    Oh, wow – what a great layout! Thanks for sharing!


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