Feeling Uninspired? DIY Your Scraps!

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I sit down to scrapbook and literally nothing is inspiring me.  I can look at all the gorgeous CD papers and embellishments and suddenly the idea of a layout is overwhelming to me!  What do I do when I get to that point?  I work on a smaller project! Or lots of smaller projects….

The amount of diecuts and stickers and journal cards you get in a CD kit is always astounding, but sometimes I’m itching for a little handmade goodness, so I reach into my kit scraps and start creating away!

When working on a project like this, I love to use up leftover paper strips, papers that have been cut into, and I even used the leftover dori pages I had from my hacked together doris for journaling spots and to make the 4×6 paper part of that “cozy autumn days” card.

The majority of what I end up making are journal cards, but I love making pockets/tags and little embellishments too!


You can see I’ve already used this pocket in my Memory Journal…big impact for little work while scrapping!

And don’t be afraid to use the packaging too! This card was made out of the backing for one of the products!

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