Up & Away with Flowers and Rainbows


On the blog today we are sharing designs that feature flowers and colors in rainbow order. We are featuring DT members Kristine and Casie who enjoy memory keeping in happy planners and the Simple Dori/Traveler’s Notebook sized inserts. Let’s see what Kristine has designed for us in her happy planner.

“Last week, we had a run of really nice, warm weather where I live, and I enjoyed taking photos on my walks of all the flowers and trees that have started blooming. I realized that I had a rainbow of floral photos, so I thought it would be perfect to do a rainbow spread.”

“I punched patterns from a variety of papers (planner, memory keeping) and pocket cards, used some of the sticker die cuts and our rainbow washi tape to decorate. And with all that color, why not go over the top and use colored inks for my journaling, too?!”

“The completed layout is a riot of color and pattern, and quite a bit busier than my usual layouts, but I love the whimsical quality of it and the happiness it brings during these less than ideal times.”

To see how Kristine’s layout came together, please click here.

Kristine’s layout is super pretty and what a lovely way to look back at all the beauty of spring throughout the year! Memory planners are very popular in scrapbooking and we are seeing digital replications of this format too. If you are thinking about trying a memory planner, you can test the waters with a printable version. Google “memory planning template” to find digital versions you can print. Next we are sharing two Simple Dori TN designs by Casie.

“Hi Daisy fans! Casie here to share two simple dori travelers notebook style layouts utilizing the Up & Away kit.”

For the first layout, I captured our goofy a goldendoodle Ryder in his favorite cozy place, the center of a plant. When I saw him there I thought “well that is why we don’t have flowers here” and the idea struck to use the flower die cuts from the TNMK kit to add some flowers to this poor flattened bush.”

“I layered patterned papers on the page to add a colorful background. Then cut the photo to allow it to go across the page and still fold close. At the bottom of the photo, I added in the florals die cuts and now this plant has gorgeous flowers.”

For the second layout, I wanted to continue my love of rainbow order design. This kit lends itself so easily to rainbow order! This page began as sticker therapy on a rough day.”

“I placed the icon stickers in rainbow order throughout the right side of the page. After the stickers were placed, I realized the icons told the story of our current days at home. Using the COVID19 printables and patterned papers I completed the story of our days in rainbow fashion!”

Pups and rainbow of stickers are simply adorable, you can’t go wrong! We love how Casie used Cocoa Daisy stickers in both of her designs. The colorful title for her pup layout and all the icon task stickers from the planner kit in her rainbow ordered Simple Dori TN page.

We’d love to see your ideas with some of our Cocoa Daisy stickers. Please tag @cocoa_daisy on Instagram or post in the Cocoa Daisy Fans Facebook group.

Be safe and well!


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