Rainbow Order Memory Keeping Ideas


We are exploring rainbow order in design today. Rainbow order is a great way to use the full spectrum of color in a collection by placing colors in a logical relationship structure on your layout. You can search the internet for a color wheel and follow the basic colors around it from any starting position as well. A rainbow order placement of color is easy to use in horizontal, vertical, circle, and grid designs. We have two unique perspectives from our design team and will begin with a pocket layout from Casie.

“Hi, Daisy fans! Casie here with a memory keeping pocket album layout using all of the rainbow goodies from July’s To the Sea kit.”

“I keep a 6×8 pocket page album with stories about myself and this is the first time using it in 2020. My main inspiration came from the “love this place” ribbon looking die-cut with rainbow coloring behind it. I paired this with my favorite pattern paper from the kit that has Xs with rainbow-colored dots. I backed the photo with the blue bubble pattern paper and added a rainbow tab to balance the die-cut.”

“On the left side, I created two tip-up journaling cards. I indicate that they are tip-ups by attaching tabs to the bottom of the card. Simple titles on those cards for the outside, then you lift them to read more of the story. To continue with the rainbow theme, I journaled about the day using rainbow ordered word strip stickers from the memory keeping sticker kit.”

“Thank you for joining me in sharing my album’s first pocket page layout of 2020!”

Next we have a travelers notebook design from Traci. “I decided to do a layout in my traveler’s notebook that had nothing at all to do with the theme of the To The Sea collection…so what do you do when you want to work with the collection in an untamed way? Why, you play with color instead!”

“I used the die cuts and cardstock stickers in the To The Sea collection to create a beautiful vertical rainbow of color along the edge of my layout. It creates a ton of visual interest while mimicking the photo strip I used to print my photos.”

“I didn’t worry too much about what was said on the pieces I pulled (making sure to avoid anything that obviously didn’t fit) and instead focused on color and a variety of shapes!” Traci’s layout came together so beautifully and draws us right in. And she has a process video which you can view by clicking here.

Thanks for joining us today and we hope to see what you are creating with our kits on social media by tagging @cocoa_daisy or in our private Cocoa Daisy fans Facebook group.

Take care!


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