Cocoa Daisy Community: Filling those empty pages in the DaisyDori


Have you struggled with filling up all the pages in your DaisyDori? And does this bother you? If yes, this blogpost might help you find ideas to get the best use out of our DaisyDori inserts.

In March we asked the members of the Cocoa Daisy Planner Fans facebook group to share their ideas. In order to make them accessible to a wider audience we are sharing those with all of you now!

Cynthia keeps track of formula one races and the results as well as weather systems in her Dori. This is a very specific use but if you are a die hard fan of a sports team this would be a great use of one of the empty pages.

Dana uses a spread in her Dori as a prayer list where she writes down the people or situations she wants to include in her prayers. If you are not religious and don’t pray, a similar list of people to think of that month could inspire you think of someone and lead to a text message, letter or phone call to let them know they are not alone in their struggles.

Dana also uses both planner sections of her Dori as a planner, she says: “So my front calendar pages are for my BIG PLANS and my back pages are for what ACTUALLY happened.”

Shu-Wen likes all of her pages divided into three sections and uses thin washi tape to cheat and turn blank pages into the three sections.

Jennifer fills her blank pages with lists of what she is grateful for everyday. She finds this practice very uplifting.

Sandra was very stressed by her empty pages until she decided to take out some she might not use. She carefully opens the staples and removes the pages she will not need. Louise was in the same boat and has actually tipped in spare pages from last year’s April insert into her April DaisyDori that she used as a travel journal.

Sandra also loves to remember all the things she buys and all the places she goes by adding tags and business cards into her Dori.

Krystal uses most of the empty pages that she doesn’t use for planning for memory keeping with journaling, photos and tip ins. Cheryl shared this beautiful day in the Zoo with us.

Design Team member Janet started the Cocoa Daisy Planner Challenge in January to help you fill up your empty pages in your Dori. Each month, she provides prompts for ideas to filling in those blank pages with different types of journaling prompts, lists and collections. Check out her blogpost “Getting Inspired: Everyday Planner Fun” where she talks about the challenge in more detail.

This post was inspired by this video by the amazing artist and Cocoa Daisy Designer arleigh. She collected 46 ideas to fill those empty pages. They are available as a free pdf download for you: “Arleigh’s ideas to fill the empty pages”.

We hope this collection of ideas will help you fill up those pages in your DaisyDori inserts. Please feel free to add your own ideas in the comments to make this an even greater resource for everyone! Thank you for being such an awesome supportive community!


  1. Laura Daniels

    Simone! Thoroughly enjoyed reading all of these great ideas! Several I’ll be putting into use! Thanks for starting this awesome library of ideas!

    • Simone Schermann

      Thanks, Laura. I hope it will be useful for future reference, even linking to the post in the group.

  2. Laura Daniels

    We truly have such creative Talent among the Cocoa daisy subscribers!!

  3. Arleigh

    great post, simone! thanks for linking my vid 🙂

    • Simone Schermann

      Thank you for providing this fabulous idea!


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