Bee confetti bookmark

Hello daisies!

This month I really wanted to create something with the bee confetti, bumblebees are one of my favorite animals along with penguins and foxes. What I ended up making was this really cute little shaker bookmark. When I figured out just how to make it the process was really smooth!

What you need: 
Paper, cut to fit your planner X2
Circle punch (mine is 2″)
Bee confetti (and sequins and glitter if desired)
Foam tape
Washi tape

* Washi tape the papers together with the papers aligned the way you want them in the end
* Use your hole punch to make a hole
* Cut a piece of the packaging out so it will cover the hole and them some, you want a corner piece so you only need to close up two sides.
* Washi tape one of the open sides so you have a little pocket
* Fill the pocket with confetti and sequins/glitter
* Close up the top
* Glue around one of the holes, on the inside and attach the confetti pocket
* Fill the paper with loads of foam tape, this way you’ll give your sequins room to be shook!
* Put the papers together
* Washi tape around the edges if you like me aren’t really keen on the gap between the papers
* Put glue on the plastic around the hole in the paper and line it with twine, Repeat on both sides
* Decorate the bookmark to your hearts content!! I put a little tab on before closing the pages together so it peeks up from my pages.

There’s also a video showing the process down below!

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ps this is also really cute to use on cards!

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