November mini love

Hello daisies!
The notepad holder that arrived with the planner kits this month really hit home with me! Aside from being adorable it’s perfect to store my minidori. I followed Arleigh’s quick tutorial on how to turn it into a TN.

To be able to carry it with me in my handbag I wanted to make something that keeps it shut, to make this i took a large wooden buttton and a piece of elastics. To measure out how much of the elastics I needed I wrapped it around the notepad holder two times and added a bit extra.

Then I folded the string in half and put it around my index finger and let it run around the back of the notepad holder. This is how long I need it to be on this end, make sure to tuck it nicely. You want it to be tight enough to stay shut and still have a little bit of give to it so you still can open and close with ease.

I chose to wrap the string around the elastics on the spine, this way when I open up my planner I won’t drop the closure. My planner functions as a wallet so it is used a lot on the go when I’m not as careful as at my desk…

Pull the string through the button from the back and up…

… and then back to the back and tie it off.

And it’s done! I’m so happy with how it turned out. Also added the charm from the planner add on at the bottom.

This is how perfect my minidori fits in here. Still trying to decide if I should decorate the cover a bit more or keep it simple. I didn’t think I’d ever say this but I really like this clean yet fun look.

Notepad holder gone TN, stickers and all the fun stuff I need all fit perfectly into the pouch from the planner classifieds. I look forward to this, for me, very scaled down EDC.

Be sure to drop by my Instagram and YouTube channel (kaffekanAnna on both platforms) during the month to see what the planner looks like on the inside ?

take care!


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  1. Simone Schermann

    OMG, Anna, I absolutely love the big button! Can’t wait to see more!


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