When My Kit Comes

Hi all! Suz back with you today to share my August edition of “When Your Kit Comes.”

First, I begin by taking my monthly #mycocoadaisykitishere photo for Instagram (–a favorite “must do” for me) 😉



I am @SuzMannecke if you want to follow along. 🙂 Be sure to post your own as well and hashtag it #mycocoadaisykitishere. It’s a fun way to get started and to get excited about creating, yes?!

My scrapbooking and my life is always changing and evolving, and I am cognizant, therefore, that some of my habits or organizational needs might be too. For example, this month I began by creating with my kit at home but then ended up taking it on the road to our cabin, to complete my designing with the kits there. That’s where my trusty ole plastic Iris container comes in! I get out my Cocoa Daisy Iris container and remove the previous month’s contents. I add the past month’s kit to a ziploc type crop bag and label it with the name of the kit. Now my container is ready to go for my new kit scrappiness! I add my new kit patterned papers to it. Later, when I am done creating with my kits, the rest of the little bits and pieces I have left over (if any) go into it.

And then on to the embellishments! Here is a new little dish that was begging to receive some Cocoa Daisy August Kit goodies:


While at home,  I organized my kit embellies and tags as shown below.  The woodgrain organizer is an acrylic brochure stand (like one might find in a doctor’s office) that I gave fresh look to with some woodgrain contact paper. It is super handy and has four tiers to house my cards, tags, and CD cases of the month’s stamps.


I like to start by taking photos of each kit and making notations as to which kit they belong to. This helps me later on when I am uploading and creating my Daisy Designer gallery, so I can label appropriately what comes from which kit. Sometimes I don’t know this information at the time I receive it (as there are times some things arrive after our designer kits go out because of the timing of shipments from manufacturers) but it sure is helpful and doesn’t take much time at all!

I then separate out the embellishments and place them in some type of organizing dish; in this case an old muffin tin I have down at our cabin. I love that everything is close at hand and visible!


After I figure out the papers and cards I am going to work with, I set aside the rest in the Iris plastic storage container that I mentioned earlier.


 Regarding the exclusive kit stamps: Another habit I do each month pertains to  how I organize my stamps that come with my kits. Fellow Daisy @Samara started a helpful post here about clear stamp storage with lots of great ideas! There was much talk about the Avery Elle products. I may try those once I run out of CD cases, but for now this is what I have been doing and what has been working for me: 

I take some plain white paper or card stock and stamp the images onto it and then label what kit the stamp set comes from (if I know this information at the time. If not, I simply label it the August Kit and add the specific kit names later).



Then I have them already organized and on hand for creative play!

So what tips can you share here that help you get organized simply, so you can spend more time creating? I would love to hear! Please post any tips you have in the comment section below. Happy crafting!



  1. Samara

    Loved seeing your peek. I have a similar process. 🙂

  2. Lisa Saunders

    A really fun post Suz. I love that ‘inspire’ dish,
    Thanks for sharing x

  3. Shannon

    Thanks for sharing your process Suz; learned much. For example, taking photos of the kit so I know what ‘pieces’ came with each kit later. Also stamping on a piece of white paper with each kit’s stamps. I am a ‘messy’ scrapper — stuff all over my desk. Haven’t been able to master the ‘put everything in little holders’ concept. I do clean up after each LO or PL spread and start over though!!!


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