Traveling with Cocoa Daisy + Video

Hi everyone.

Tanti is here. My family and I love to travel. We travel almost on every holiday.

And as you might know, I love to document our journeys in my standard TN planner.

I’ve often been asked which items I usually take on my journey.

Well I must say that it varies. Sometimes I take more supplies and sometimes less. It depends

on how long our journey is.

Today I want to share what I will take with me on my upcoming summer vacation.

First let’s take a look inside this clear pouch.

In this pouch I put in my standard size TN, two small containers, an extra clear pouch

to store some broschures that I will get from our journey and that rainbow pouch.

I store some stamp ink pads and my date roller stamps in the blue container and I use

the other one to store all my die cuts.

Inside the rainbow pouch is my Polaroid Zip printer and the associate cord.

I will also take some photo papers for the printer.

I prefer not to take a lot of planner accessories with me because I might loose them

somewhere. I will also take my writing underlay with me. I made it out of one of

the dashboards that came in the January 2018 kit. I simply cut it down to size and laminated it.

You can see how I set up my planner for this vacation in my set up video at the end of this post.

Next, let’s take a look what‘s inside these pouches and the pencil case.

In this pink folder, I store my papers journal cards and some of the stickers.

I use binder clips to keep my journal cards organized.

I always try to paint some of the view in my travel journal and I love to use watercolour

to paint. I store all my painting supplies in this pouch. Besides watercolour set and

brushes I also put a small towel, black fineliners to outline my painting and two plastic

bottles in the pouch. I will fill the bottles with water. One for cleaning my brush and the other

one is a spray bottle to moisturize my paint.

I would rather put all my pens, fineliners and markers in this big pencil case because I want

to have an easy overview of them while i journal.

Here‘s what’s inside my Cocoa Daisy pouch.

I have some twine, note pad, sticky notes, the stamp set from the memory keeping pocket kit,

some clips, some washi sampler and rolls, a stapler, a hole puncher and an acrylic block.

I put all my planner supplies in my planner tote bag.

That’s it.

If you have any questions, please leave it in the comment section below or you can tag me in the group.

Thank you so much for stopping by and see you next time.



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