Frequently Asked Questions

Before contacting us, please browse our FAQ.

Kit Availability

How do I subscribe?

Welcome! You can create a subscription between the 2nd and 27th of the month; it will ship in the following month. Please see this chart  to find out exactly which kit will begin your subscription. (Occasionally some subscriptions close earlier than the 27th, when we've reached capacity for the coming month.)

To subscribe, click Subscribe in our top menu and select Start Your Subscription.  Choose the type of kit you prefer.  Review the options and choose the kit you want.  For Main Planner Kits with inserts, choose your insert option from the pull down menu.  Agree to the terms It's essential to read the terms to avoid disappointment or unpleasant financial surprises.  Click Sign Up Now.  Repeat this process to add additional products to your subscription.  Review your shopping cart.  Select your preferred shipping method.  Click Proceed To Checkout.  Select and enter your payment method.  Agree to the website terms and conditions and click Sign Up Now.  Within a few days you'll receive an email confirmation with information about your subscription. 

When will the next monthly kit become available?
  • Monthly Kits and add-ons are revealed in the Cocoa Daisy store at 8 PM (EST) on the 28th day of each month.
  • Between the 28th and the last day of each month, extras of the current release may become available for subscribers to purchase between the 28th and the 1st, depending on inventory, by logging into your account
  • Items that are still in stock may be purchased by the general public starting at 12:01 AM (EST) on the first day of each month.
Every time I check, everything is sold out. How can I get these kits?

We are primarily a subscription business, which means we use subscriber numbers to forecast for ordering. We always order more than we think we will need, but sometimes subscriptions surge and catch up to our order. In our model, anything we have left after subscriptions are filled is sort of a "bonus," and we are happy to make it available to those of you who want something you don't subscribe to. We are doing our best to balance demand with our need not to carry inventory; there isn't room for it, and money that's tied up in inventory can't be spent on designing and making the beautiful things you love.

Most of our kits sell out during Subscriber Early Ordering, before the first of the month. The only way to be certain you'll get something you want is to subscribe. Inserts are usually available well into the month, along with some of the extras from the kit. We recommend you purchase inserts and a few extras to try us out and decide if a subscription is for you.

When can I see sneak peeks of the next monthly kit?
  • Official sneak peeks go out on the 21st of the month, via email.
  • On the 15th, we send a "Mood Board" email that gives you a sense of the colors and themes of the kits.
  • Starting around the 15th, Christine usually posts small peeks of products on her Instagram, as well as our Cocoa Daisy Planner Fans and Memory Keeping with Cocoa Daisy pages on Facebook.
  • Full reveal of the monthly release will be in the store at 8:00 PM Eastern on the 28th. Purchases cannot be made at that time; subscribers will receive an email between the 29th and 1st regarding early ordering. The public can order beginning at 12:01 AM on the 1st.

Subscriber Benefits

Why should I subscribe?

Subscribers enjoy a number of extra benefits, including automatic shipment of each month’s kit, first opportunity to purchase items from our store, convenient ordering, special events and more.  We also provide subscribers with exclusive, free cut files and printables that coordinate with each month's kit. Access to those files is typically in your account by the 15th of the month, under Subscriber Downloads on the left.

 Click here for a summary of how a Cocoa Daisy Subscription works.
When should I expect to receive my monthly kit?

Once you’ve signed up for a subscription, your kit will be delivered to you automatically throughout its duration. You do not need to order another kit from the store.

Your credit card of record (or PayPal account) will be billed between the 30th and the 1st each month. We typically ship all subscriptions between the 5th and the 12th of each month, with occasional delays of a day or two due to weekends or holidays. Your order status will change to Shipped and if you click View on that order, you'll find your tracking information. Here's how to check your tracking.
You should receive an email via UPS, as well as one with Cocoa Daisy with tracking information once your subscription has shipped; if you don’t have a shipping notice by the 13th, we encourage you to check tracking in your account and let us know if none of this month's orders have a tracking number.
If I subscribe do I need to order the kit from the store?
Subscribing to a kit is much like subscribing to a magazine; you don't need to purchase the kit. Once you’ve signed up for a subscription, your kit will be delivered to you automatically until you cancel (see below for details). Similarly, if a kit is sold out in the store (similar to a magazine being sold out at the newsstand), subscribers will still receive the kit.
Do subscribers pay a discounted rate for each kit?
Subscribers receive discounts with a subscription. A three-month subscription is $3 less than retail per month, and a one-month subscription (when available, on a promotional basis only) is the same price as retail.


How can I access my free Subscriber Files?

Your free Subscriber files will be loaded into the store by the 15th of each month, timed to the arrival of your kits. You can always find them, without waiting for an email link, on the left in your My Account area in the store. You have access to the current month's files, as well as past Subscriber files. Please note that your access to the Subscriber files depends on your Subscriber status; once you cancel your qualifying subscription you will no longer be able to access the files.

If I subscribe now, which will be my first kit?

Subscriptions are available between the 2nd and 27th of each month, while supplies last. Occasionally we close a subscription early because we are at capacity for the following month. Click here to see what your first kit would be.

New subscriptions always begin with the following month’s shipment and charge at the beginning of that month. For Memory Keeping kit subscriptions, a subscription purchased in November will begin with the kit billing on December 1 and shipping in December.

Planner kits and pages bill and are shipped a month in advance. For instance, the first charge for a subscription created in November is on December 1 for the January planners, shipping December 5-12.

Add Ons and Options

Are subscribers given the opportunity to purchase each month’s kit add-ons before they are made available to the general public?

Between the 29th and 1st of each month all subscribers will receive an email announcing that Subscriber Early Ordering is open. You must be logged into your account, and then click "shop" in the top menu and you can shop!  We do not always have extras of subscription kits, but we'll add what we have to the store in advance of the product being made available to the general public. If you go to the store without logging in, all you'll see is "Coming Soon" until the kits go on sale to the public on the 1st of the month.

If you subscribe to a qualifying kit (Main Planner Kit, Traveler's Notebook Memory Keeping Kit, Modern Memory Keeping Kit, Planner Add On, Classified Planner, or Classified Memory Keeping Kit) a FREE shipping coupon will automatically be applied to your order at checkout.  If you do not see the header announcing that Subscriber Early Ordering is Open, then your free shipping code will not apply and you will have to pay for shipping.  We cannot issue a shipping fee refund if you shopped before the Subscriber Early Ordering period was open.

All orders placed during Subscriber Early Ordering from the 29th through the 1st of each month, will be held to ship with your monthly kits.  Orders placed beginning on the 2nd day of each month, will be charged shipping and shipped without your monthly kit.

Reminder: Free shipping coupon does not apply to preorders, binders, tools, 6x12 or 12x12 products, or Daisy boxes. There may be additional shipping charges for very heavy boxes, as outlined in our terms. Valid through 11:59 PM Eastern on September 1st. 

This does not remove shipping charges from your subscription, just from additional items ordered to ship with the subscriptions. 

PLEASE NOTE: If you subscribe to stamps, pages, booklet or dashboards (or some combination of those), you will now have early ordering access. However, due to shipping costs, you will be charged shipping on your purchases and they may or may not ship with your subscription(s).  Log in between the 29th and 11:59 PM on the 1st. 


What if I don't get a Subscriber Only email with the special link or shipping code for early ordering?

There is no longer a link needed to shop, and no shopping available on the 28th. Instead watch for emails between the 29th and 1st as we add leftover subscription items to the shop. Even then, the code is in the store, not in an email, so if you go to the store and products are available, you can shop and use the code.

If you qualify* for free shipping with your kits, the code will be visible between the 28th & the 1st at the top of the Shop page, from our main menu.

We operate on a subscription-only model, so if there's something you know you want it makes sense to Subscribe. Anything left after subscriptions are accounted for should be considered a "bonus." 

*see terms for information about which subscriptions qualify for free shipping with kits

Something I wanted is sold out. Will you be getting more in? (Waitlist Information)

Our kits are limited-edition by design and available primarily to subscribers.. We generally do not restock sold-out kits. Occasionally we have kits left after shipping, so feel free to use the "Join Wait List" button if it is available on our site (you have to choose any options, like holes punched, before the button will show. If there is no button, we will not be getting any more of that item. When the store is re-stocked, those on the wait list will receive an email notification. Being on the wait list is not a guarantee of product; you will still have to visit the store and make the purchase. Purchases cannot be held to ship with the following month's subscriptions.

We generally do not restock other exclusives, due to the quantities in which we must order them. We do occasionally re-release stamps, in which case we will likely hold a pre-order. Sometimes we make the wait list available on items like stamp sets, to help gauge interest in re-issuing them.

If you find that you've missed a kit or a month of planner pages and you want to be sure that doesn't happen again, the best way is to subscribe before subscriptions close on the 27th of the month so that we count your kit in our planning.

Waitlist Q & A

Who can join the wait list? Anyone can join-- you don't have to be a subscriber (unless specifically noted on that product).
What kind of products can I get on the wait list for? While we sometimes have wait lists for subscription openings, they're mostly used for current-month product that we may restock after shipping, or specific things like stamps that we consider re-issuing. In the case of current product, once we restock after subscription shipping, there won't be any further restock. For stamps or other items we are considering reissuing, we use the wait list to determine if there's enough interest for us to order our minimums. If there's no wait list button, we are not planning to restock.
Does joining the wait list mean I'll definitely get the item? It doesn't; sometimes we have many more people on a wait list than we have product available. What it does do is ensure you'll be notified if the product becomes available.
What if it says I have to register to join the list? You do have to be logged into your account to see the "Join Waitlist" button. If you try logging in and the button still does not show, please try a different browser or device, or clear your cache. (That actually goes for any time a site doesn't seem to be "cooperating;" most sites cache information to make your shopping experience faster, without waiting for every page to load all over again.)

Policies and Conditions

What are the shipping rates?

Please note that if you have multiple subscriptions we will combine shipping to give you the best/lowest possible rate. For example: If your order will fit in an envelope, your rate will be $3.50 to ship in the US.  If your order needs to fit in a box, your rate will be $8.25 to ship in the US. No additional shipping charges are applied unless either noted in the add-on description or if the actual shipping cost is 25% more than the flat fee; in those cases you will be charged additional shipping and the parcel will not be shipped until that amount is paid.

If you are adding a kit to your existing subscription, you will see shipping on the invoice. We will remove that after the fact and send a confirmation email showing the new amount.

If you have any other shipping questions please email us at

Subscription shipping will be through UPS Mail Innovations.  They will then hand the package off to the USPS (or a local postal carrier in other countries) for delivery.  US customers also have the option of upgrading to USPS Priority shipping.  You will receive an email with your tracking information and tracking will be updated in your Cocoa Daisy Account.  Please do not contact us with tracking inquiries until after the 15th of the month.  **Please note: While we wish we could ensure that every package we ship arrives quickly and in perfect condition, sometimes things go wrong in transit. Once we send your Cocoa Daisy goodies on their way we can not be responsible for delays. Please contact us for assistance if your package goes missing or is damaged.  Cocoa Daisy can not be held responsible for lost or stolen packages if a package has been marked as delivered.

If you are a new subscriber, you can upgrade to priority shipping at checkout. If you are an existing subscriber, please contact us via our contact form to request an upgrade.

Kit and/or add on purchase shipping rates are as follows:

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What is your returns policy?

Return/Refund Policy:

Returns: We do not allow returns. All sales are final. If your item happens to arrive damaged please notify us within 10 days of receipt and we will make arrangements to get a new item to you. We do require that the damaged kit be returned to us and we will refund your shipping cost. If that month’s kit is no longer available we will refund the costs of the kit.

Refunds:  All sales are final.  Refunds on orders placed by mistake, which have not yet been shipped, may be considered on a case by case basis.  Please contact Customer Service at if you have accidentally placed an order and need to request a refund.  A restocking fee will apply.

I was expecting a refund and I haven't got it yet.

We process refunds and other paperwork toward the end of the month. Because of the cyclical nature of our subscription model, it's necessary to process all those requests at once. Please watch for your refund and let us know if it has not appeared in your account by the end of the month. Thanks so much for understanding!

If a kit is sold out but I start a subscription, will I get this month's kit?

No; when you create a new subscription you'll never begin with the kits currently under "Shop" in our store, even if they are not sold out. All new subscriptions begin with the following month's shipment.

In order to be guaranteed you will get the coming month's kit, new subscriptions must be purchased by the 27th of the month.  Any subscription after the 1st will begin with the next month. A subscription on February 28 begins with the next kit (March Scrapbook or DITL, April planner); a subscription on March 1 will begin with April Scrapbook or DITL or the May planner.

When your subscription begins with a coming month we aren't able to extend early ordering/free shipping for the current month, but you will receive access next month to order items and have them shipped free with your kit.

Where can I view the terms of my subscription?

You can view the terms of your subscription here.

Managing Your Subscriptions

Viewing Your Subscription in Your Account - Minimum Term, changes, confirmation email

You can access your subscriptions by logging into your account and clicking Subscriptions on the left. Click View for each subscription that says "Active." Or, if it simply says "My Subscription," clicking that will take you directly to your subscription list.

You can see the required term of your subscription and the time active. You can find the Change Subscription link for each subscription, as well as change the address on your subscription or the payment information for that specific subscription (see the separate FAQ topic for address and payment changes). You can also view the confirmation email you received when you subscribed to review that information.

How can I change my subscription to a different kit or planner configuration?

Do not use this method to add kits to your subscriptions. See topic on adding to your subscriptions instead.

  • Changes from one subscription to another must be made between the 3rd and the 20th of the month.
  • Please make only one change transaction per month, Subsequent change events in a month will incur a $2 fee per change event. 
  • If you're changing more than one subscription item, please check out after each change and then repeat the process.  (If you do the changes within the same timeframe, you won't be charged for multiple events).
  • Changing your subscription does not restart your terms.  There is no early cancellation penalty as long as you retain the same number of subscriptions for the same or longer term.

Please be sure that you are logged into your account and in your "Active" subscription.  Then you can follow these steps to make your changes. 

1.  Log in to your account
2.  Click "My Subscription" or "Subscriptions"
3.  Click "View" next to the subscription that is "Active" and has a payment method
4.  Find the subscription you want to change and click "Change Subscription." (the link is only visible between the 3rd & 20th of each month)
5. Scroll through the list and click the name of the subscription you want to change to (please note that the Planner kits and inserts are collapsed into two items at the top of the list; select your insert from the drop-down menu after you choose "Change Subscription")
6.  Choose a term (we currently only offer 3 months)
7.  Read the terms and conditions and click "Yes", then "Sign Up Now"
8. Click "View Cart" at the top of the next page
9.  Scroll down and click "Proceed to Checkout"
10. You should see "downgrade," 'upgrade" or "cross grade"(It doesn't matter which of those is showing) next to the amount you'll pay each month; you will not be charged until the last day of this month but you will need to choose or re-enter payment information.
11. You must complete checkout for the change to take effect.
12. Finally, you'll be taken to the order confirmation screen, where there's a link to "View the status of your subscription in your account" if you wish.

If I change my subscription, when does it take effect?

Changes made in your account take effect with the next billing cycle. Whatever is showing on your subscription on the first of the month is what will ship so, for instance, if you make a change on June 20 (the last day of the month to make changes), you'll receive that new  configuration in July.

The same rule applies to changes made on June 3; your June shipment will be whatever was on the invoice on June 1, so it will not be the new configuration. The new subscriptions will ship the following month, in July.

How can I cancel my subscription or certain items on my subscription?

Subscriptions do not "expire;" they go month-to-month, at the same price, after the initial commitment period ends. Cancellations must be made between the 3rd and 20th* of the month prior. Please don't email before those dates, as we can't track changes into the future or remove items starting with future kits.

Please log in, then click here and use this form to request cancellation of part or all of your subscription. If you have not met your minimum commitment, there are early cancellation fees as outlined in our terms.

You can also access the form by clicking "Customer Service" at the top of your subscription.

You can also find the form through the link at the bottom of our website:

When we combine subscriptions with different start dates, we generally note the end of the minimum commitment for those subscriptions:

We will automatically renew your commitment month-to-month at the same price until you notify us that you would like to discontinue your subscription.

Canceling your recurring payments with PayPal will not cancel your subscription with Cocoa Daisy.

*all times Eastern

Do subscriptions end after the initial commitment or auto-renew?

Subscriptions do not "expire;" they go month-to-month, at the same price, after the initial commitment period ends. There is more information in our terms.

How can I add additional kits to my subscriptions?

To add to your subscriptions, simply go to Subscribe in our top menu, choose the category you want, and create a new subscription. We'll combine them and adjust shipping after the purchase, and send a confirmation email showing the changes.

Do not use the Change Subscription button on your subscription. It is only for switching from one kit to another

Often we cancel an existing subscription and add it to the new one to ensure they bill and ship together. If you see a cancelled subscription that you think should be active, check to see if it's been combined with another.

*To remove extras (pocket cards, die cuts, planner papers, stickers, washi, notepad, sticky notes) please contact us.

Do not wait until Reveal on the 28th, as new subscriptions are closed between 11:59 PM Eastern on the 27th and 12:00 AM Eastern on the 2nd.

When I try to add an additional kit, it charges me shipping. I thought they were supposed to be combined?

To add to your subscriptions, simply go to Subscribe in our top menu, choose the category you want, and create a new subscription. We'll combine them and adjust shipping after the purchase, and send a confirmation email showing the changes.

How can I add or remove extras (like pocket cards or stickers) on my subscription?

To remove extras (pocket cards, die cuts, planner papers, stickers, washi, notepad, sticky notes) please email us at Cancellations must be made between the 3rd and the 20th of each month.

You can add Pocket cards from the Memory Keeping: Pocket kit ($11.50) to your subscription by emailing us at

The following items are no longer available to add as extras:

  • Washi tape from planner kit ($3.15)
  • Planner tab sticker sheet from planner kit ($3.15)
  • Date banner sticker sheet from planner kit ($3.15)
  • Die cuts & tabs from planner kit ($4.50)
  • Tab label stickers from planner kit ($2.25)
  • Notepad from planner kit (3.15)
  • Sticky notes from planner kit (3.15)
  • 6 sheets 6x8" papers from planner kit ($5.00)
  • 10 sheets 6x8" papers from memory keeping kits ($9.00)

Do not wait until Reveal on the 28th, as extras cannot be removed between 11:59 PM Eastern on the 27th and 12:00 AM Eastern on the 2nd.

How can I update my address, email or payment method on file?

Address Changes
Address changes must be made before the 29th of the month previous (or before you place an order) to take effect with the next shipment. Address changes made after the 29th will result in your package shipping to your old address and returning back to our shop.  Additional shipping charges will apply to resend your package to your new address.  You can edit your address information under My Account > Addresses

Or you can click Subscriptions at the left of your Account screen, then View for each active subscription, and click Change Address.

Changing your address in PayPal will have no effect on the address in our store. It must be changed on our site as well.

Email Changes
You can update the email on your account on the same screen as your address, above. However, to change it on your subscription you must email us at

If you need to update the email at which you get marketing emails, please contact us with the old and new email addresses so that we can update that.

Payment Changes
To change the payment associated with your subscription, you must use the Change Payment button on each subscription. Changing your payment method under Payment Methods will not "connect" to your existing subscriptions and may result in a billing failure on the 1st of next month.

Do not click Manage Payment Methods, as that will just take you back to your existing credit cards/PayPal account. Instead, click "Use a new card" or PayPal. Enter your new information and click Change Payment Method at the bottom of the screen.


It says one (or more) of my subscriptions were cancelled, but I didn't cancel them.

Sometimes we cancel an existing subscription (or a new one) to combine it with other subscriptions. If one of your subscriptions that should be active says "cancelled" in the store, don't panic! Check your active subscriptions to see if it's been combined with those. If not, please contact us.

I forgot to update my payment method. My subscription is on hold. Did I miss out on the this month's subscriptions?

If it is before the 12th of the month you can still get this month's subscriptions. (Kits will be released back to the store and re-sold after the 12th.)

We will automatically attempt to process payments eight times, or there are two ways to pay immediately.

Method One: If you still have the email we sent letting you know your payment failed, just click "Pay Now" and enter your new payment information. Do NOT click "Manage Payment Methods."

Method Two: You can log in, click Subscriptions on the left and then click Pay beside the on-hold order(s); this also updates payment on the subscription..

Do not click "Manage Payment Methods," and do not update under "Payment Methods" on your account page, as that will not pay for this month's kits and will not reactivate your subscription(s). Instead, click "use a new card" or "PayPal."

When you pay for your subscriptions after the 1st of the month, shipping may be delayed for about a week; it should still fall in the 5th-13th window.



Navigating the Cocoa Daisy Store

How can I contact Customer Service?

Our FAQs have the answer to the vast majority of questions, but if you don't find the answer there (or your inquiry is about a specific order or subscription issue), you can use our Contact form. It's found under Support > Contact Us in our main menu, and there's also a Contact Us link at the bottom of the site. 

Please choose a topic after reading them carefully-- choosing the wrong topic can delay response. You'll see some information on the screen after you choose; please read that, as most questions are answered there. If not, complete the form and attach any additional information that could help us answer your question.

If it's a website problem, "I'm trying to do ___ and it won't let  me" doesn't give us anything to go on. Instead, give us the text (or a screenshot) of any error messages, tell us what device you're using, what you were trying to do and where in the process you had the issue. Similarly, if you aren't sure you got what you ordered or have a damaged or defective product, a photo will help us assist you most quickly.

Here's a video to walk you through the process if you need it. 

I can't log in / I don't remember my username

Click Store Login (at the top right on desktop or at the very bottom of the main menu on mobile); you can use either your email or your username. If needed, you can reset your password with the Lost Password link. (If you don't receive an email after 10 minutes, please check your spam filter or search "all mail" in case it has been misdirected. If you still can't find the email, please let us know.)

Make sure you're not trying to log into the Forum instead; it looks like this:

I'm getting a "This action is not allowed" message

This message is displayed when you try to subscribe without creating an account, or without logging in. Please click Store Login at the top of the page on desktop, or the very bottom of the menu on mobile (do not choose Forum Login). Once you've created an account or signed in, you'll be able to create a subscription.

If you are logged in, try logging out and back in; that is usually enough to make it work. If not, try a different browser or device, and make sure you're logged in.



What does my order status mean?

Here are the order statuses you might see, and what they mean:

Payment Pending Payment did not clear or has not been entered; click Pay button to add payment information, then Use a new card or PayPal -- DO NOT click the Manage Payment Methods button
Processing Order has been paid for but the invoice has not yet printed to ship
Preparing to Ship Order has been printed and will ship shortly; in most cases it will change automatically to “Shipped” once tracking has been uploaded to our store
Shipped For some orders this status must be updated manually, usually at the end of the month but sometimes later
Completed Order did not require shipping (new subscriptions, downloads)
Preorder Pending Preorder has been placed and will be printed for shipping when the product is ready to go out
Failed Payment did not clear and order has been cancelled
Refunded Full refund was applied
Cancelled Order was cancelled by store admin


How will I know when my order has shipped? Where do I find tracking information?

For subscription shipping, we will upload your tracking to your account. When your package has shipped you'll get a tracking email from Cocoa Daisy, and you will also be able find your tracking on your order in your account.

The status of "Preparing to Ship" means that your order has been printed and will be packed and shipped soon. The status of one of your orders, usually your subscription order, will update to Shipped. The remaining orders that ship with the subscription will not be updated, even though they've shipped together.

During subscription shipping, you will receive a tracking email with a UPS number; then the packages will be handed off to USPS for delivery. During the rest of the month, it's likely that packages will still be shipped via USPS and the tracking will be via USPS.

What do the various order or subscription statuses in my account mean?

There are different statuses for Orders and Subscriptions.

ORDERS: Order Status  
Pending Payment did not clear or has not been entered; click Pay button to add payment information
Processing Payment has been made, changes can sometimes still be made to order if you contact us immediately
Preparing to Ship Changes can no longer be made; invoice has been printed and is being prepared for shipping. Will not automatically update once package is shipped; see "Preparing to Ship" FAQ topic for more details.
Shipped This status does not change automatically when package is shipped; updated manually, often at the end of the month
Closed or Completed Order did not require shipping (new subscription orders, downloads)
Preorder Pending Preorder has been placed and will be printed for shipping when the product is ready to ship
Failed Payment did not clear upon multiple retries; order has been cancelled.
Cancelled Order has been cancelled by customer or Cocoa Daisy.
Refunded Order has been refunded in full and cancelled.
Pending Valid payment information has not been supplied, subscription is not active
Active This is the active order from which all subscription items will be shipped
On Hold Will not ship for the current month; usually due to failed payment on the 1st.
Cancelled Either a subscription canceled by the customer, or a subscription canceled by Cocoa Daisy to combine it into the Active subscription. Subscriptions are also canceled if payment is not made for more than one consecutive month.
Combined/Inactive This subscription has been combined into an existing subscription for shipping purposes and is no longer active.
Pending Cancellation This status means that your subscription is effectively canceled, but there is still a “Resubscribe” option in your account. The status will automatically change to Canceled on the 1st of the month; you cannot be charged for a subscription that is Pending Cancellation.
How can I find past months' product? All I see is this month's release when I click "Shop."

To find past months' kits, go to Shop > Past Kits and choose the kit you're interested in. There are thumbnails as well so you can see a bit of each month at a glance. For Planner Kits, remember that they will appear the month before they're to be used; for instance, the March planners ship in February.

You can also search for specific months in the Product Search field in the store.

How (and when) can I find all the free printables Cocoa Daisy offers?

Did you know we have four free printables each month, and a few more that are just a few bucks? There are, of course, terms and conditions that govern the use of Cocoa Daisy printables, so be sure to check those out before you start downloading, printing and enjoying! We encourage you to download these to your device once you have purchased them.

  • The Free Planner Printable is available every month if you subscribe to one of the following kits:  Main Planner Kit, Traveler's Notebook Memory Keeping Kit, Modern Memory Keeping Kit, Planner Add On, Classified Planner or Classified Memory Keeping Kit.  This can be found under Shop > Current Kits, as well as Shop > Digital Downloads.  It contains pages to print and insert into your planner, in all the sizes we offer, as well as a version of our packing card, some notecards and a bookmark, and lots of fun designs from the month’s art, for fussy-cutting.  For non-subscribers it is available for just $4.99.
  • The Subscriber Printable is free to every monthly subscriber, no matter what kit or product you subscribe to. It’s geared more toward Memory Keeping, with larger images,  but it works great in memory planning or straight-up planning, too! You can even print it smaller, if you prefer! Just check the digital terms for restrictions on manipulating our printables. You can find the Subscriber Printable, including past printables, in your account under Subscriber Downloads on your dashboard:
  • Our Newsletter Printable is a free printable “paper” incorporating that month’s artwork. It goes out on the 27th of each month to everyone who’s currently on our email newsletter list. Sign up now!
  • The free Cocoa Daisy Planner Challenge Printable allows you to print out each month’s challenge prompts so you can put them in your planner and follow along. It includes printables for each size insert we offer and is found under Shop > Digital Downloads, a week or two before the month begins. We’d love to have you play along; you can do  as much or as little as you like, and we’d love to see your challenge photos in our Facebook group, Cocoa Daisy Fan Page.

We also have a couple of downloads you can purchase.

  • The Monthly Tracker Printable is a black-and-white image that coordinates with our monthly kits. It comes with a color key so you can track anything you like– mood, exercise, water or medication, and more. It’s $1.99 and can be found under Shop > Digital Downloads, a week or two before the beginning of each month.
  • The Instruction Sheet from our Traveler’s Notebook Memory Keeping Kit comes as a printed version with the kit, but you can also download a printable version for $2.99 each month. It features Christine’s breakdown of a couple of layouts in her SimpleDori, and a sketch for inspiration. Find it under Shop > Digital Downloads.



I "purchased" the Free Printables; how can I find them?

As noted in the product description of the printables, they are digital downloads only; no product will be shipped.  We encourage you to download these to your device once you have purchased them.

There are at least four places that you can find your digital downloads. First, the link is on the page you get after you checkout:

Next, you should receive an order confirmation that contains a link:

If you need to go back and find them after you've made the "purchase," they're in the store menu. On desktop:

And on mobile:

all the way at the bottom of the menu:

And, finally, from your dashboard when you first log in:




How do Daisy Points rewards work? Do I get Daisy Points for my monthly kit? Can I use points for my subscription?

You receive Daisy Reward Points when you make individual purchases in our store. Points are not awarded for monthly subscriptions, only for individual purchases made in the store. You can access your points by logging in and clicking Points & Rewards on the left. You can redeem them at checkout; there will be a box that tells you how much you have and asks if you want to use them.


When you click on Reward Points, you'll see a listing of the points you earned and redeemed, with the corresponding order number. (The dates below show the date points from October 2016 through July 2017 were uploaded to the store, but going forward you'll see the date of each transaction.)

Points can be used in the store only for additional purchases; they are not redeemable for ongoing subscription kits.

Planner & Product Questions

What size are the planner inserts? What planners do they fit? How are the holes spaced?

We offer a variety of sizes for your ring-bound and traveler's notebook style covers. Click here to see more detail about each size and the planners they're compatible with.

A5 pages are 5.8" x 8.3". A5 pages with six holes work in Filofax A5 and kikki K Large planners, as well as Simple Stories' Carpe Diem A5 binders and Webster's Pages A5 binders. A5 pages with seven holes work in Franklin and Day Timer A5 binders. A5 pages are also available unpunched.

Personal pages are 3.7" x 6.7" in size. Filofax makes a personal binder that fits our inserts perfectly; Webster's Pages also makes a personal-sized binder. Many people use our Personal inserts in the kikki.K Medium binders, as well. We carry those in the Daisy Store but we have had some issues keeping them in stock due to the tremendous demand.

The exact measurements of the holes are, starting from the top of the page (in inches):

A5 7 hole

1 1/2,  2 1/2, 3 1/2, 4 1/4, 5, 6, 7"

A5 6 hole
1 1/4, 2 1/16, 2 13/16, 5 1/2, 6 5/16, 7"

Personal 6 hole
7/8, 1 5/8, 2 3/8, 4 3/8, 5 1/8, 5 7/8"

Also, remember that you can get our pages with no holes if none of these work.
We also have the Daisy Dori booklets which is meant for Traveler's Notebooks and similar elastic-strap systems. Our Standard booklet is 8.25" x 4.375", similar to the Midori Regular size (8.267"x4.33") or the FoxyFix No. 6.  We also offer a B6 Daisy Dori (5 x 7"), Personal Daisy Dori (3.7" x 6.7"), which fits FoxyFix No. 4, and a Mini Daisy Dori (3.5" x 5") which is similar to Midori Passport and fits FoxyFix No. 1 (or FoxyFix No. 2 with room at the top for tabs).



How do I refill the Daisy pens or mechanical pencils?

Each exclusive pen with the Daisy on top comes with two refills. to change them, you twist the tip of the pen, as if closing it, and continue twisting until you get the tip loose. Pull out the ink assembly and unscrew the little black cap on the ink cartridge. Then screw in the new refill, and reverse the process. (Note that some refills from other sources may have a white cap, or won't have one at all. If it doesn't have one, pull the ink stick out of the cap you already have, and press the new refill into that cap before replacing in the pen.)

Here's a video to show you how to refill the pen.

The pencil has 1.0 mm lead in the barrel; here's a video to show how the pencil works.

Where do I get the planner binders? Do you sell them?

Cocoa Daisy carries some planner binders, from Webster's Pages, but there have been supplier issues which cause them to frequently be out of stock. We also carry Carpe Diem binders from Simple Stories. You can find binders at Filofax for personal or A5 sizes, or Kikki K makes an A5 planner.  Dokibook sells both sizes of binder, shipped from China. They also sell hole punches, or we can punch the holes for you (request 6, 7 or 0 holes for A5, 6 or 0 for personal).

How can I see what generally comes with each kit?

All of our kit contents vary by month. Each subscription listing gives a list of what always comes in the kit, as well as what may vary from month to month. You can also check out Shop > Past Kits for examples.

If I subscribe now, which will be my first kit?

Subscriptions are available between the 2nd and 27th of each month, while supplies last. Occasionally we close a subscription early because we are at capacity for the following month. Click here to see what your first kit would be.

New always begin with the following month’s shipment and charge on the first of that month. For Scrapbook and Day in the Life kit subscriptions, a subscription purchased in November will begin with the December kit, billing on December 1 and shipping in December.

Planner kits and pages bill and are shipped a month in advance. For instance, the first charge for a subscription created in November is on December 1 for the January planners, shipping December 5-12.